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I Am Groot

  1. i am groot
    James Gunn Reveals Groot’s Final Line in Infinity War and Honestly It’s Very SadSpoilers! Duh!
  2. A Contrarian’s Take: Baby Groot Is BadFirst the cuteness is endearing; then it’s numbing; eventually it’s just tedious.
  3. i am groot
    Vin Diesel Has His Own Special Groot ScriptAccording to James Gunn.
  4. i am groot
    Groot’s Big Enough to Star in His Own ComicOur little sapling!
  5. movies
    Here’s How to Say ‘I Am Groot’ in Even More LanguagesIncluding Japanese, Italian, and Kazakh.
  6. xmas planning
    Marvel Finally Made an Official Dancing-Baby-Groot ToyStocking-stuffer gift, check.
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    Use Our 15-Button Groot Soundboard in Every Conversation You Have TodayYo soy Groot, etc.
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    7 Posters That Prove Groot Should Star in Every MovieGroot Will Hunting.