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I Don’t Know Her

  1. i don’t know her
    Mariah Carey Denies Being Queen of Christmas: ‘That Is Not My Appellation’“I’m just a person who likes Christmas, OK? Who happened to write some songs.”
  2. oceans eight
    Can Someone Just Go Ahead and Introduce Steven Soderbergh to Rihanna?He definitely wants to meet her.
  3. i don’t know her
    Mariah Carey Has More Kardashian Shade for YouShe’s coming for the Kardashian empire.
  4. i don’t know her
    Gabrielle Union Has the Best Reaction to ‘Crazy Lady’ Stacey Dash“I heard of a crazy lady once, maybe last week.”
  5. i don’t know her
    Breaking Down the Shade Ava DuVernay Threw at Quentin TarantinoSavage.