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I Love The Situation

  1. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap Returns!“I’m putting Vaseline on my face, I’m taking my earrings outs, I’m putting my hair up, and I’m beating the crap out of her.”
  2. chicken cutlet night
    MTV Already Planning Jersey Shore’s Fourth Season [Updated]They’re offering The Situation up to $45K an episode for his returneth to the ‘Shore.’
  3. chicken cutlet night
    Jersey Shore Cast: Poets AllThey’ve still got it.
  4. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Meets The Hurt LockerAnyone know the difference between an IED and a GED?
  5. i love the situation
    Joy Behar Probes Into the Prophylactic Practices of the Jersey Shore Cast“It’s really hot water. It takes care of business.”
  6. i love the situation
    ‘The Situation’ Inspires Contest-Winning SnowmanTurns out soy sauce makes for a good fake snow-tan.
  7. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Headed to South BeachMovieline reports that Snooki, the Situation, and others will do their smooshing and sausage-eating on South Beach.
  8. i love the situation
    MTV Fears Overexposure Of Jersey Shore CastThe producers don’t want them doing too many personal appearances.
  9. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Updates: Snooki Drops Trou, the Situation Gets TrademarkedStill no word on those J-WOWW pictures yet, though.
  10. i love the situation
    Video: Jersey Shore Beauty PageantWannabe guidos and guidettes attempt to grasp the Situation.
  11. i love the situation
    Is Jersey Shore Headed To Hamptons?Meaning, he’s got a new cologne.
  12. i love the situation
    Two Jersey Shore Cast Members Signed on the Line That Was DottedCongrats to Ronnie and J-WOWW, but what of the rest of the housemates?
  13. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Season Two Looks PromisingThe cast is close to signing a deal that will pay them $10,000 per episode.
  14. i love the situation
    The Results Are In: Vulture Readers Select Their Top Ten Jersey Shore CatchphrasesWho landed the top spot?
  15. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Finale Smashes Ratings RecordsAgain, why did MTV have to kill off this show so quickly? We don’t get it!
  16. i love the situation
    Help Us Determine the Best Catchphrases From This Season of Jersey ShoreReally, it’s the least you can do.
  17. overnights
    Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown“If you’re hungry, try a Snickers.”
  18. i love the situation
    A Brilliant Suggestion for How MTV Should Follow Up Jersey ShoreOne word: Massholes!
  19. i love the situation
    New Jersey Native Kevin Smith Isn’t a Fan of Jersey Shore“All these jackanapes are Bennies.”
  20. i love the situation
    Will MTV Do Another Season of Jersey Shore?There is good news, though: Thursday night will bring us a reunion show!
  21. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown (Part Deux)“She’s mad weird, that chick.”
  22. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown (Part One)“I don’t understand that religion, what it is. I just wanna get to the business.”
  23. i love the situation
    Toddlers Run Amok Re-creating Jersey ShoreRemember kids, never fall in love at the Jersey Shore.
  24. i love the situation
    How to Make Your Own Batch of Ron-Ron JuiceFrankly, we prefer our own recipe.
  25. i love the situation
    This Is Your New Desktop WallpaperYou are welcome.
  26. overnights
    10 Catchphrases From Last Night’s Jersey Shore“Gym, tanning, laundry. You know, that’s how they, like, make the guidos.”
  27. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Cast Turns Michael Cera Into a GuidoHe even makes a Snooki sandwich!
  28. news reel
    Michael Cera on Jersey Shore“[The meetup] confirmed a few things I already suspected, which was, like, girls love a really smokin’ body and everybody loves pizza.”
  29. i love the situation
    New Jersey Shore Arrest Comes to Light, Pauly D Gives Michael Cera a BlowoutPoor Ron Ron!
  30. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: This Week’s Top Ten Catchphrases“I’m a vet tech. I save animals, I don’t kill them.”
  31. i love the situation
    The Times Can’t Bring Itself to Defend Jersey ShoreIt gets points for trying.
  32. i love the situation
    The Situation Used to Shake His Penis for MoneyNow that’s the Situation!
  33. i love the situation
    Christmas Wishes From the Cast of Jersey ShoreSammi “Sweetheart,” Ronnie, and J-WOWW are spreading some holiday cheer.
  34. i love the situation
    New Jersey Lawmakers Have Nothing Better to Do Than Criticize Jersey ShoreThey are asking MTV to pull the show from their programming schedule post haste.
  35. i love the situation
    What If Snooki Were in Street Fighter 2?Well, it would be awesome, of course.
  36. i love the situation
    ‘The Situation’ Finds Himself in Quite the SituationHe was spotted walking around the lobby of a New York City hotel wearing only a bathrobe and jeans.
  37. i love the situation
    Alyssa Milano Continues Her Riveting One-Woman Campaign Against Jersey ShoreHer Funny or Die parody is so funny that we forgot to laugh!
  38. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: Top Ten Catchphrase CountdownChill out, Freckles McGee.
  39. i love the situation
    Jay Leno Treats the Jersey Shore Cast Like Second-Class CitizensHe’s no Conan O’Brien, that much is certain.
  40. i love the situation
    The Situation Bestows a New Nickname on Conan O’Brien: ‘The Solution’You got a problem, ladies? Well then, Conan’s the Solution!
  41. i love the situation
    The Cast of Jersey Shore Is Now Hobnobbing With Mike TysonWill they be fast friends or mortal enemies?
  42. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: Tongue-Kissing Catchphrase Countdown“Yo, seriously, she’s like on a whole ‘nother level on pickles.”
  43. i love the situation
    Snooki Sucker-Puncher Is a Gym Teacher in QueensSay hello to Brad Ferro, 24, of Deer Park, LI.
  44. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Roundup: J-WOWW Wants to ‘Be Shredded,’ MTV Pulls Some ‘Guido’ References From ShowAlso: ‘We don’t pump our gas, we pump our fists!’
  45. i love the situation
    Before Your Next Visit to Seaside Heights, Be Sure to Visit the Jersey Shore Nickname GeneratorStarting now, please start referring to us as Juice Springsteen.
  46. i love the situation
    Angry Mob Issues Death Threats Directed at MTV’s Jersey Shore PR BattalionWait a second here. What if the self-proclaimed “guidos” are actually just looking to reclaim that term and turn it from derisive slang into a badge of honor?
  47. overnights
    Jersey Shore’s Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown“I love the Situation.”