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I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

  1. Trade Roundup: Web Therapy, Sara RueWeb Therapy, Lisa Kudrow’s web series-turned-TV show, has been picked up for a second season on Showtime. In addition to Conan O’Brien, this […]
  2. the list
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What Was the Worst Movie of 2007?The movie that cost its star an Oscar is deemed the Worst of the Year.
  3. the take
    ‘Chuck & Larry’ Proves America Prefers Its Gay Movies Without Show TunesWhat lessons can we learn from this weekend’s box office?
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    A Peek at the Movie ‘Chuck & Larry’ Could Have BeenThe finished version of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry bears little resemblance to the script credited writers Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor turned in several years ago.
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    Adam Sandler and Kevin James Both Gay for Adam SandlerColin Farrell, Pras, and Billy Corgan on why he should give up music forever!