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  1. it was a good day
    Ice Cube Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny That January 20 Was the ‘Good Day’“Nice try.”
  2. national holidays
    Someone Figured Out Exactly What ‘Good Day’ Ice Cube Was Talking AboutJanuary 20, 1992. Amazing.
  3. Ice Cube Opines on Architecture“Each freeway has its own personality.”
  4. tv
    Ice Cube Developing Drama Series at FXA revenge drama in which he’s less dad, more Doughboy.
  5. the industry
    Ice Cube Might Make Another Friday MovieAnd Chris Tucker might come back!
  6. ice cube
    Ice Cube May Join 21 Jump StreetIce Cube, infiltrating high schools!
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Paul Giamatti Was Really Disappointed by New York’s Blizzard SequelPlus, Olivia Munn’s life reads like an episode of ‘Maury’ to David Letterman, on our regular late-night roundup.
  8. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Ice Cube, Dirty Harry Wannabe?Plus: Martin Sheen and Sally Field in the new ‘Spider-Man’ movie.
  9. vmas 2010
    See All The VMA Red Carpet LooksWork work fashion baby; get your Halloween costume ideas here…
  10. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Compares Obama to Frodo BagginsPlus, Emma Roberts’ Team-Twilight taste gets called in to question by Robert Pattison, on our regular late-night roundup.
  11. quote machine
    The Truth Is, Nicolas Cage’s Whole Life Has Been Practice for Playing a SorcererPlus: Sarah McLachlan’s 8-year-old daughter is totally out of control.
  12. music
    Ice Cube Wears a Giant Sombrero in His ‘I Rep That West’ Music VideoCube gets anachronistic.
  13. quote machine
    Ke$ha Heard Some People Thought Her SNL Performance Was ‘Great’Plus: Taylor Momsen has basically made the greatest album ever, claims Taylor Momsen.
  14. the industry
    The NWA Biopic May Actually HappenAndrea Berloff has just been hired to whip up a script.
  15. the industry
    Industry: Clash of the Titans 2, Pee-wee SmurfPlus: Ice Cube to star with Woody Harrelson.
  16. chat room
    Ice Cube Talks Straight Outta L.A.The rapper turned actor talks about his new documentary, the connection between marketing and hip-hop, and playing pickup with Snoop Dogg.
  17. music
    Hear Ice Cube’s New Single, ‘I Rep That West’It’s a monster.
  18. quote machine
    Hurt Locker 2 to Feature All-New CastPlus: Matt Damon basically just freeloading.
  19. the industry
    MTV to Remake, Desecrate Teen WolfPlus: ‘The L Word’ gets real.
  20. the industry
    The Starship Enterprise Will Fly AgainPlus: Ice Cube plays a cop.
  21. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Play Baddest Mofo Lowdown Around This TownAlso: Are you ready for ‘Cougar Town’?
  22. right-click
    Oasis Not Properly Engaged in Beef With Jay-ZPlus: Okkervil River! Ice Cube! Peter Bjorn and John!
  23. the industry
    Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell Are ‘Sherlock’ HomiesPlus: Josh Hartnett on the West End, and Young Jeezy in the movies.
  24. the industry
    It’s the End of the World As Seth Rogen Knows ItPlus: Katherine Heigl as Caroline Jessop, and Robin Williams as the mayor of Providence.
  25. right-click
    Ice Cube Not Sorry for Acting Like AnusPlus: New music from Mates of State and Talib Kweli!
  26. the industry
    Dimension Gives a Boost to Struggling Young Screenwriter Ice CubeIce Cube sells his script, W’s parents are cast, and Sam Raimi casts some collateral damage in Drag Me to Hell.
  27. the industry
    They Are Actually Trying to Convince Ryan Gosling to Play Jack RyanPlus: Laurence Fishburne has never made a bad movie.
  28. quote machine
    Pete Wentz Totally Agrees With SelfPlus: Woody Allen!
  29. quote machine
    Diablo Cody: Why So Modest?Plus: Diane Keaton, uncensored!
  30. right-click
    Michael Cera and Ellen Page Folk AroundPlus: Belle and Sebastian cover Dinosaur Jr.!
  31. quote machine
    Ice Cube Will Star in ‘The A-Team’ Movie, He GuessesPlus: Maggie Gyllenhaal!
  32. the industry
    Kate Winslet Is the New Nicole Kidman in ‘The Reader’Plus: Who will play B.A. Baracus?
  33. the take
    Vulture Exclusive! Ice Cube’s ‘First Sunday’ Is Not Another Sequel to ‘Friday’The L.A. Times profiles “the next Tyler Perry,” before his movie makes $30 million this time.
  34. the industry
    All the Stars Not in ‘Young Frankenstein’ Are in ‘Cymbeline’Plus industry news on Rosario Dawson, Ice Cube, and Dirty Dancing, the musical.