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  1. movie review
    You’ll Want to Sing Along to Will Ferrell’s Glorious EurovisionThis comedy about the Eurovision Song Contest might be the most emotionally engaging movie the actor has ever made.
  2. coronavirus
    Icelandic Director Baltasar Kormákur Spends Quarantine Thinking About VolcanoesThe Everest filmmaker sees the coronavirus as another force of planet Earth: “It’s intelligent. That’s the scariest thing. It has a way of surviving.”
  3. The Stunning Glacial Lake in Many Action ScenesIceland’s Jökulsárlón has proven to be a popular backdrop for Hollywood.
  4. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones Will Reportedly Be Shooting in Iceland Next Season“Winter is here.”
  5. tom cruise
    Which Country Loves Tom Cruise the Most?Hint: Its population is 320,137.
  6. Inside the Absurdist Political Campaign of Comedian Jón GnarrIt’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of […]
  7. clickables
    Learn Some Fun New Words in IcelandicCheck out “Every Single Word in Icelandic.”
  8. The Absurd Mayorship of Jón Gnarr, Iceland’s Comedian PoliticianWhat is the deal with international comedy? Join me each week to ask that very question in Comedy Tourism as I explore different trends and […]
  9. homework
    Must Have The Wire Watching Experience to Run ReykjavikFamiliarity with that epic of mis-government required by Iceland’s new mayor.