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  1. posthumanism
    The Team Behind CGI James Dean Heard Your Complaints and Does Not CareThe company is expanding.
  2. icons
    Skilled Multitasker Jane Fonda Accepts Her BAFTA Award Mid-Arrest“I’m sorry that I’m not there, but as you may have heard I’ve been getting arrested.”
  3. icons
    Woof-Woof, Bitch: Here’s Your First Look at Emma Stone’s Cruella de VilLook at! This wig!
  4. miss you
    Cameron Diaz Might Stay in Acting Purgatory to Create Her Own Goop“I don’t miss performing.”
  5. icons
    Rita Moreno’s List of Accolades to Now Include ‘PBS Documentary Subject’About damn time!
  6. icons
    Please, Meryl Streep, Just Tell Us Who You Want to ‘Really Tear the Shit Out Of’A nice March mystery.
  7. icons
    Céline Dion Has Blessed the Biopic The Power of Love With Rights to Her MusicDirector and star Valérie Lemercier is taking on a big responsibility.
  8. icons
    Fiji Water Girl’s Second Act Will Be Soap-Opera WomanThe Bold and the Beautiful, here she comes.
  9. icons
    This Game-Show Host Is Not Retiring. Who Is Alex Trebek?Four more years! Four more years!
  10. icons
    We’re Thrilled to Inform You Sabrina’s Salem the Cat Is Red Carpet TrainedMe-ow!
  11. Kacey Musgraves Is a Gay Icon and the World Needs to KnowA journey through her queer discography.
  12. icons
    Oprah’s Iconic Speech Was the Highlight of the Golden Globes“This year, we became the story.”
  13. icons
    Betty White Personally Thanks Vodka and Hotdogs for Her Long Life“Probably in that order.”
  14. icons
    Mark Hamill Remembers Carrie Fisher With Iconography Fit for a QueenThis is a deity we could get behind.
  15. icons
    Debbie Reynolds Scared Billie Lourd From Acting“She looked at me so earnestly with her hands crossed in her lap and was like, Are you sure you still want to be an actress, dear?
  16. icons
    Carrie Fisher Wrapped Work on Episode VIIIShe’ll be back on the big screen next year.
  17. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About PrinceHere are seven thing you didn’t know about pop legend Prince. 
  18. icons
    The Lady Gaga Look Book 2011A new, updated compendium of all of her outfits/costumes.
  19. icons
    The Lady Gaga Look BookMore than a hundred outfits from the beginning of her career to the present.
  20. video
    The Art Was Edible at the Brooklyn MuseumJerry Saltz’s video report from Jennifer Rubell’s installation/feast, “Icons”