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  1. the industry
    Stepmother vs. Godmother: Idina Menzel and Billy Porter in Talks for CinderellaAn icy chill shoots up John Travolta’s spine. Oh no, not again.
  2. trailer mix
    Uncut Gems Trailer: Adam Sandler Will Give You a Good Deal for an OscarThe earrings. The goatee. The excellence.
  3. trailer mix
    This Beaches Teaser Will Get You Crying AlreadyYou never stood a chance.
  4. hamilton
    Idina Menzel Proudly Stands With Hamilton Following Mike Pence Incident“I love you, Hamilton!”
  5. last night on late night
    Matt Damon Insists That He Loves Wicked, ReallyIdina Menzel and Matt Damon’s decade-long cold war is over.
  6. casting couch
    Nia Long to Play Hillary in Beaches RemakeGet the tissues.
  7. the industry
    Idina Menzel Will Be the Wind Beneath Lifetime’s Beaches RemakeAnd Lea Michele, please?
  8. democratic national convention 2016
    Dozens of Broadway Stars Sang a Tribute to Victims of Gun Violence at the DNC“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”
  9. 2016 dnc
    Celebs Sing ‘Fight Song’ A Capella for ClintonSia makes an appearance, too.
  10. orlando
    Broadway Stars Release Song for OrlandoPerformers include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Idina Menzel, and Nathan Lane.
  11. love for elsa
    Idina Menzel Is Here for #GiveElsaaGirlfriend — Ball’s In Your Court, Disney She came out in support of the #GiveElsaaGirlfriend Twitter campaign.
  12. wicked good
    Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel Sing WickedWe’re not crying, you’re crying. 
  13. RENT: The Oral HistoryTwenty years after Jonathan Larson’s posthumous triumph arrived on Broadway, the cast relives the rise of a musical that changed theater.
  14. oh no he didn't
    Idina Menzel Gets Her Revenge on John Travolta at the OscarsVery uncomfortable chin-grabbing.
  15. Ellen DeGeneres Is Producing a Half-Hour Comedy Starring Idina MenzelEllen DeGeneres has another half-hour comedy in the works. Deadline reports that DeGeneres’s production company A Very Good Production is […]
  16. let it go
    Idina Menzel Will Sing the National Anthem at the Super BowlSure.
  17. sorry not sorry
    Idina Menzel Is Not Apologizing for Missing That High Note on ‘Let It Go’“I am more than the notes I hit.”
  18. sequels
    Idina Menzel Knows As Much About a Possible Frozen Sequel As You DoWe’re still just gonna assume there will be a sequel.
  19. music
    Meghan Trainor Will Play the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeAlongside Sting, Nick Jonas, and Idina Menzel.
  20. radio vulture
    5 Songs That Probably Inspired Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’Maybe Taylor caught one of the Outkast reunion shows this summer.
  21. 2014 tony awards
    Watch Jonathan Groff’s Tonys Tribute to John Travolta’s Oscar FlubWickedly talented.
  22. stage dive
    Theater Review: If/Then“Menzel sings beyond anyone’s idea of reasonable vocal or emotional limits, and basically blows the roof of the theater.”
  23. talking
    John Travolta Releases an Idina Menzel Statement “I’ve been beating myself up all day.” 
  24. video
    Idina Menzel, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Rock a Classroom Version of ‘Let It Go’We want all the versions of “Let It Go”! Every single one in the world!
  25. oscars 2014
    Watch Idina Menzel Perform ‘Let It Go’ at the OscarsWas she thrown off her game by John Travolta’s gigantic mispronunciation of her name?
  26. Watch John Travolta Flub Idina Menzel’s Name“Adele Dazeem”
  27. oscars
    Idina Menzel Will Perform ‘Let It Go’ at the OscarsFrom Frozen.
  28. concerts
    A Sneak Peek at What Frozen Could Look Like on BroadwayThe cast assembled last night in Los Angeles for Frozen Live.
  29. let it go
    Watch Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ in 25 Different Languages“Libre soy, libre soy.”
  30. oscars 2014
    Listen to All the Best Original Song Oscar Nominees From Disney to Bono.
  31. guest stars
    Idina Menzel Will Be Back on GleeOkay.
  32. lady gaga
    Watch Idina Menzel Sing ‘Poker Face,’ Backed by a SymphonyBroadway nuts, quiet your screams.
  33. glee cast
    Idina Menzel Headed Back to GleeBig character arc in the works.
  34. clickables
    Watch Idina Menzel Own ‘Poker Face’ With the New York PhilharmonicFlutists be feeling it (kind of).
  35. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Idina Menzel To ABCA singing, single mom.
  36. the industry
    Cameron Diaz Would Like to See You After ClassPlus: Good news, “League” fans.
  37. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Plots to Kill Chiwetel Ejiofor