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  1. Watch a Pastor Flip Out Over a Very Satanic ‘Wonder Showzen’ Episode Yesterday a YouTube clip surfaced of a pastor named Daniel Castle raging out over an episode of John Lee and Vernon Chatman’s delightfully […]
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    What Are Redneck Aerobics and Why Would Anyone Voluntarily Partake in Them?That’s … not … we don’t know what that is.
  3. Yet Again, The Onion Makes a Joke, and Humorless Idiots ComplainThis morning, The Onion tweeted this: “BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building.” There was no context, […]
  4. Parents I’m Glad Aren’t Mine Are Protesting Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy BallsBecause there are literally no bigger problems in the world worthy of people’s attention, a parents group called One Million Moms (whose 584 […]
  5. Real-Life Johnny Bananas Suing Entourage in Douchiest Trial of the CenturyAn MTV reality “star” by the name of Johnny Bananas is suing the creators of Entourage because they use that name as the title of Johnny […]
  6. I Weep For Humanity: Gathering Up the Outraged Responses of People Who […]Want to feel like a smart person? Head on over to the new blog Literally Unbelievable, which gathers up screenshots of people posting links to […]
  7. BREAKING NEWS: Jack Donaghy Is Not an Optimal BossAn actually serious study by the actually serious company Global Compliance has found that the workplace on 30 Rock has the most ethics […]