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  1. art du jour
    Meet the Guy Who Draws Every Great British Baking Show Recipe Illustration“My job is to illustrate what the bakers planned to create, not what they actually baked in the tent.”
  2. artphone
    A Smartphone, a Stylus, and My Season As a Sketch ArtistYou don’t need to be divinely talented to enjoy the convenient relaxation of smartphone sketching on your commute.
  3. NYC Stories: Giovanni Ribisi Falls in With a Ferrari Gang from Long IslandSneaky Pete’s Giovanni Ribisi recounts a night out in NYC that turns into an action movie — complete with Long Island dudes, Ferraris, and a death.
  4. NYC Stories: Archer’s Lucky Yates Watches New York City Break a New YorkerLucky Yates (you’ll recognize him as the voice of Dr. Krieger on Archer) recounts the day he saw the city finally grind a man down.
  5. food art
    Abbi’s Celeb-Inspired Food Art From Broad CitySpringsteen’s tomato, Ron Howard’s shrimp cocktail, and so many more.
  6. Here Are a Bunch of Fake ‘SNL’ Movie PostersIf you’re a fan of fantasizing about SNL movies that never happened, New York cartoonist Dan Meth has drawn up 26 fake SNL movie posters for […]
  7. Billy Merritt’s Six Types of Improv Students, IllustratedThe following was posted to Billy Merritt’s Improv Dance Party Tumblr. It’s reprinted here (with illustrations by David Kantrowitz added) with […]
  8. Check Out Sam Spratt’s Art Inspired by Donald Glover’s Mixtape ‘Royalty’Illustrator Sam Spratt did the covert art for Donald Glover/Childish Gambino’s latest mixtape, Royalty, but the project soon grew into a series […]
  9. Stefon’s Illustrated Guide to New York’s Hottest NightclubsFor the last four years, Stefon Zolesky, created by Bill Hader and John Mulaney, has been every SNL fan’s favorite drugged-up club-hopper. […]
  10. Meet The League Of Extraordinary 30 Rock Characters This 30 Rock/League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen mash-up by comic book artist Alex Ross is pretty spot-on, from Liz’s optimistic Mina Harker to […]
  11. Please Enjoy These Beautiful Illustrations of Fantasy Community CouplesHere are those lovely Community couples portraits you ordered, minus Shirley-Annie, and the Shirley-Britta romance that we all know is actually […]
  12. Quest For A Meme: Trump TrollfaceThe internet is fueled by topicality. Humor seems to drive the most popular memes and viral content. As a reader, hitting your favorite […]
  13. Dyna Moe’s Hipster Animals: Collect Them All, or WhateverIllustrator Dyna Moe, who you may be familiar with via the series Illustrated Comediennes of the Stand-Up Boom she did for this here website, […]
  14. Charlie Sheen’s Winning Made EasyI spend the majority of my professional life doing graphic design and illustration. I also immersed myself into the NY comedy scene about 10 […]
  15. art
    See Celebrity Tweets, Fancifully and Hilariously IllustratedBrilliant.
  16. art
    Amazing Illustrations of Traditional Japanese MonstersJapan has all the best monsters.