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Imminent Disasters

  1. imminent disasters
    Hey, Remember Lauryn Hill?The Swedes sure do.
  2. imminent disasters
    Star Wars: A Musical Journey to Invade Our GalaxyThe insane makers of ‘Star Wars: A Musical Journey’ have announced tentative plans to bring the show to America following its launch in the U.K. in April.
  3. imminent disasters
    Fox President Kevin Reilly Damns Dollhouse With Faint PraiseFriday-night time slots are the kiss of death for episodic drama.
  4. imminent disasters
    Stressed-Out Baz Luhrmann Agrees to New Ending for ‘Australia’After ‘disastrous reviews’ from test audiences, ‘Australia’ will get a more uplifting ending.
  5. imminent disasters
    Fox Dooms ‘Dollhouse’ With World’s Crappiest Time SlotYep, it’s pretty much ‘Firefly’ all over again.
  6. oscarpocalypse
    ‘Australia’: Still Not Done!Says Baz Luhrmann: ‘It’s a little like landing a jumbo jet on an aircraft carrier in a storm.’
  7. imminent disasters
    Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Band Already Having Commitment Issues?But hey — Spacehog are back together!
  8. imminent disasters
    Robert Plant Totally Replaceable, Claims Led ZeppelinOh, and they might get the guy who filled in for Scott Stapp!
  9. imminent disasters
    How’s ‘Dollhouse’ Coming? Great, Claims Miserable Joss WhedonWhedon: ’[The network] bought something somewhat different than what I was selling them, which is not that uncommon in this business.’
  10. imminent disasters
    50 Cent Still Getting Acting Jobs for Some Crazy ReasonEven so, this movie doesn’t sound too bad.
  11. imminent disasters
    Could the Awful Cover of ‘Chinese Democracy’ Cause Another Delay?Maybe, says Guns N’ Roses’ manager!
  12. imminent disasters
    Thanks to the Economy, All of 2010’s Movies Will Star Born-Again ChihuahuasFollowing the inexplicable success of ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ and ‘Fireproof,’ movies will definitely get a lot worse.
  13. imminent disasters
    U2 Sign Live Nation Deal for $20 Million in Stock, Magic BeansWeirdly, U2 have agreed to take their advance in Live Nation stock (currently trading at about $11 per share, down from a high of nearly $25 last February).
  14. imminent disasters
    Disappointing ‘Chinese Democracy’ Cover and Track List Revealed!We’re pretty sure we’ve seen that cover hanging in our aunt’s bathroom.
  15. imminent disasters
    Beyoncé’s Split Personalities to Release Double Album, Possibly Derail CareerMrs. Jay-Z’s new album will feature music by her and her alter ego, Sasha Fierce.
  16. imminent disasters
    Elton John to Make AIDS FunnySays Elton on his upcoming musical: ‘It’s very funny. The premise doesn’t sound funny, but it is.’
  17. imminent disasters
    Taxpayers Inexplicably Upset About Having to Pay for Brad Pitt MoviesCritics of the tax incentives for filmmakers point out that they are completely stupid.
  18. imminent disasters
    Hollywood Undeterred by Economic ApocalypseStudios are scheduled to begin production on around 40 large-budget new movies between next spring and summer.
  19. tube junkie
    Judd Apatow Now Just Stealing Ideas From YouTubeThanks to Judd Apatow, that kid who sings funny songs on YouTube might get his own movie.
  20. imminent disasters
    Enough With the Improbable Broadway Musicals Already!Even though we’d totally go see it, ‘American Psycho: The Musical’ is probably a bad idea.
  21. imminent disasters
    Are Indie Labels Getting Screwed by MySpace’s Doomed Music Service?Yes.
  22. imminent disasters
    Can Britney Spears, 50 Cent, the Killers, Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Practically Every Other Artist Ever Save Music Industry?No!