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  1. immortals
    Richard Belzer Returning As Munch on SVUHe’s been doing this for 23 years!
  2. contest
    Immortals Contest Winner: Meet Your New Pop-Culture God!Bow before Orion Godsling.
  3. Review Immortals in One SentenceIn doing so, you may craft something more considered than the movie’s screenplay.
  4. Your Box Office Explained: Immortals Slays Jack and JillAnd J. Edgar underperforms.
  5. Immortals, Jack and Jill Underwhelm in Weekend Box OfficeEven Immortals’ $31 million take is only so-so.
  6. The Star Market: Is Mickey Rourke His Own Worst Enemy?“He is like the Phil Spector of actors,” says one top rep.
  7. movie review
    Movie Review: The Striking and Strikingly Generic ImmortalsLots to see, little to ponder.
  8. contest
    Invent Your Own Pop-Culture God and Win a 3-D Camera!In the spirit of Immortals, we want you to invent a new Entertainment God with a superpower: Terranovus, god of illogical TV, perhaps? Best idea wins the prize!
  9. chat room
    Stephen Dorff on Avoiding ‘Chest Acne’ and ‘Man Breasts’ for His Entirely Shirtless Role in Immortals “I’m not really the actor who wants to compare nipples and pec size.”
  10. the star market
    The Star Market: Will Planet of the Apes Help Cement Freida Pinto’s Rise?“I haven’t seen her do anything but stand there and look gorgeous,” complains one agent.