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  1. candy
    Watch 20 Women Re-create When Harry Met Sally’s Katz’s Deli SceneThey had what she was having.
  2. Improv Everywhere Takes on the TED Conference Improv Everywhere really is everywhere, even at technology, entertainment and design conferences in Long Beach, California. The group faked […]
  3. It’s That Episode 6: Charlie Todd/’Law & Order: SVU’ - AuthorityOn “It’s That Episode,” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to his apartment to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They […]
  4. Hitchin’ a Ride: John Murray Drags Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd Into […] On today’s new episode of Hitchin’ a Ride, John Murray picks up Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd to bring him to his show at the UCB Theatre, […]
  5. improv everywhere
    See Improv Everywhere Give the Good People of Aspen the Opportunity to ‘Meet a Black Person’The skiing community gets a wake-up call.
  6. improv everywhere
    Help Fund an Improv Everywhere DocumentaryImprov Everywhere needs your money, and it’s not a prank. Also, Aubrey Plaza pretty!
  7. Start Getting Excited to Watch the Improv Everywhere Movie Here’s a pretty cool Kickstarter video for the Improv Everywhere movie, a feature-length documentary about the people and process behind the […]
  8. kelly clarkson
    Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Flash-Mob-Themed Music Video for ‘What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)’American Idol meets Improv Everywhere, and the circle is complete.
  9. improv everywhere
    Watch Improv Everywhere’s New Prank, ‘Mall Santa Musical’Surprise, mall patrons in New Jersey! IT’S A MUSICAL!
  10. clickables
    Watch Random New Yorkers Say Kind Things Into a MegaphoneImprov Everywhere takes a break from pranking.
  11. clickables
    Watch Jar Jar Binks Get ‘Assaulted’ on the SubwayImprov Everywhere wishes you a very violent and staged April Fools’ Day.
  12. clickables
    Watch Spain’s King Philip IV Sign Autographs by His Portrait at the Met“Ask him, what does he eat?”
  13. Hundreds of Tuxedos, RuinedImprov Everywhere’s latest video involves a few hundred people storming the beach at Coney Island in tuxes and formalwear. It’s a pretty nice […]
  14. movies
    See Star Wars Re-created on a Subway CarImprov Everywhere strikes again.
  15. movies
    Watch a Ghostbusters Prank at the New York Public LibraryOr are KKK members being chased by hazmat men with guns?
  16. comedy
    Comedy Feud: Paul F. Tompkins Versus Improv EverywherePopular comedian to popular spontaneous public improv troupe: “Leave people alone.”
  17. the take
    New Play at London’s National Theatre Not As Good As Improv Everywhere PrankAn improv troupe outshines a big-budget London premiere.