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In The Heart Of The Sea

  1. box office
    In the Heart of the Sea Sinks Like a StoneThe massive Moby-Dick-inspired film flopped with a measly $11 million this weekend.
  2. movie reviews
    In the Heart of the Sea Never Finds the Heart of Its StoryThe film fails to show us the very thing that it contends Herman Melville learned from the tale of the Essex.
  3. visual effects
    How In  the Heart of the Sea’s Mammoth Whale Was Brought to LifeDirector Ron Howard and visual-effects supervisor Jody Johnson talked through the creation of a key shot.
  4. insta-hunk
    Chris Hemsworth Tried a ‘Lost at Sea’ DietHe is Thor no more.
  5. trailer mix
    See the New Trailer for In the Heart of the SeaThis will be the harpoon-iest movie of 2015.
  6. trailers
    Watch the Trailer for Ron Howard’s Whale Movie In the Heart of the SeaThis will surely be your dad’s favorite movie of the year.
  7. the industry
    Warner Bros. Interested in Howard for Whale TaleRon Howard is in early talks for a movie based on a Nathaniel Philbrick book.
  8. casting
    Chris Hemsworth Interested in Whale TaleThere is cannibalism involved.