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  1. free stuff
    Cor Blimey, the BBC Has A Lot of Free Scripts to Download, Innit?The BBC Script Library is here for your anglophile needs.
  2. movies
    Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer EditorHe is the uncontested auteur of the trailer era.
  3. Hulu To Air New Episodes of ‘The Thick of It’Hulu and the BBC announced today that they’re going to work together to produce a much-anticipated fourth season of Armando Iannuci’s The Thick […]
  4. Talking to Zach Woods About Bringing Improv to TV and Film ActingThere’s a growing flock of people in TV and movies whose primary training is improv comedy. On one hand, it makes sense: these people have […]
  5. iraq movies
    Jarhead to Hurt Locker: How Iraq Movies Got GoodHas Hollywood finally beaten the Iraq Curse?
  6. movies
    Read the Oscar-Nominated In the Loop Screenplay, With a Special Note From Writer/Director Armando IannucciStay in, read a screenplay.
  7. best of 2009
    The Best Movies of 2009Studios made more money with fewer releases this year — but there were still too many great movies to fit on David Edelstein’s top ten list.
  8. kudos
    Inside the New York Film Critics Circle’s Votes’The Hurt Locker’ was a no-brainer, but things got tense deciding Best Screenplay.
  9. chat room
    In the Loop Director Armando Iannucci on Sneaking Into the State Department“It got onto the Drudge Report …They then carried out a complete review of their security procedures.”
  10. vulture picture palace
    See the Short Film That Won In the Loop’s Peter Capaldi an OscarSeriously, it will somehow both warm your heart and creep into your dreams.
  11. BAM Announces New Indie-Film SeriesIt’s got something for everybody!