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  1. in the magazine
    Vulture Launches its Obsessive Guide to All Things KanyeIn this week’s ‘New York,’ we go big on Kanye West’s new album.
  2. bonus features
    What Got Cut From CatfishPlenty of footage ended up on the cutting-room floor.
  3. in the magazine
    The Social Network Asks, ‘What Does It Mean to Be an Asshole?’“Fundamentally, you could tell the same story about the invention of a really good toaster.”
  4. in the magazine
    Nussbaum on Boardwalk Empire“Still, if ‘Boardwalk’ doesn’t have original ideas about the men who kill for money … that’s very easy to ignore when you’re dizzy with the fun of it all.”
  5. vince neil
    How Vince Neil Becomes Vince Neil“When I’m not onstage, I’m usually just in shorts, and I like to hang out at the pool and do normal stuff.”
  6. in the magazine
    Edelstein: Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m Still Here No Hoax“To dismiss Phoenix’s latest role because it’s not ‘real’ is to miss out on the charge of watching an actor play footsy with his own, barely corralled dementia.”
  7. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Eat Pray Love: A ‘Golden Turd’In Monday’s issue, David Edelstein reviews the “golden turd” that is Julia Roberts’s ‘Eat Pray Love.’
  8. in the magazine
    Anderson on Franzen’s Freedom: ‘A Work of Total Genius’“A reminder … of why everyone got so excited about Franzen in the first place.”
  9. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Scott Pilgrim: ‘Blows [Its] Wad Too Early’“Cera is a superhero for an indecisive generation, which might work if the disjunction were played for satire.”
  10. in the magazine
    Why the Hollywood Stock Exchange FailedIn this week’s magazine, Mark Harris explains why Hollywood’s fear of transparency led them to oppose the futures market that would’ve let you bet on box-office results:
  11. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Salt: ‘A Senseless Blast’“What ‘Salt’ lacks in coherence it makes up in centrifugal force.”
  12. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Inception: “Clumsy and Confusing”“The tone is so solemn I felt out of line even cracking a smile.”
  13. in the magazine
    How Your Songs of the Summer Get MadeWondering who to credit or blame for jams like “Tik Tok,” “California Gurls,” and “Your Love Is My Drug”?
  14. in the magazine
    MoMA and P.S. 1’s Deliberately Flimsy Pole Dance“Maybe this is flimsiness’s moment.”
  15. in the magazine
    Helen Mirren Bares Most in New York“It’s amazing how quickly you get into dildos everywhere and pink-feather handcuffs.”
  16. in the magazine
    Bret Easton Ellis Looks Back, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkBrett Easton Ellis, Alan Ball, Audrey Hepburn, and more.
  17. in the magazine
    Why We’ll Miss Law & OrderIn this week’s magazine, Emily Nussbaum remembers ‘Law & Order,’ recently canned by NBC after 456 episodes.
  18. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Sex and the City 2: An ‘Epic Eyesore’“It begins with the nightmarish manic gaiety of ‘Mamma Mia!,’ with strenuous lockjawed smiles that make you think you’re watching stroke victims.”
  19. in the magazine
    When Betty White Met Tracy Morgan: Behind-the-Scenes Video From New York’s Cover ShootSee the pair kiss and cuddle as Tracy doffs his shirt and Betty cops a feel.
  20. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Iron Man 2: ‘A Stylized, Screwball Comedy’And more from the magazine’s critics.
  21. in the magazine
    OK Go Spoil Next Video, Explain Their Business ModelIn this week’s issue of ‘New York,’ Chris Willman chats with a newly label-less OK Go.
  22. in the magazine
    Nussbaum on Glee’s Kurt, Edelstein on Please Give, and Anderson on Anne Carson’s Box Book“There’s something at once original and old-fashioned about ‘Glee”s evocation of doomed drag-queen longing in a young boy’s body.”
  23. in the magazine
    Nussbaum: David Simon As Irascible As EverJust because critics are throwing out words like “humor” and “uplifting” doesn’t mean the ‘Treme’ creator’s lost his edge.
  24. in the magazine
    Saltz and Zacharek See Red“It encourages you to respect the sight of an artist, even a ‘windbag-y’ one, pushing himself to psychic, creative limits to invent something new.”
  25. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Clash of the Titans, Gondry’s New Doc“A good case study for what’s wrong with the Hollywood blockbuster mentality.”
  26. the critics
    Edelstein on Greenberg: ‘Nothing to Do Except Wait for the Protagonist to Appall You One More Time’And more opinions from ‘New York’ critics.
  27. in the magazine
    Kelsey Grammer in La Cage aux FollesIn this week’s issue of New York, Adam Sternbergh chats with Hollywood conservative Kelsey Grammer.
  28. in the magazine
    Don’t Ask Christina Hendricks to Play Your Mom“The way we dress on ‘Mad Men’ is so associated with old photographs, with people’s parents and grandparents.”
  29. in the magazine
    Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Take It OffEver wondered what Ron Swanson looks like in the nude, with his privates obscured only by grapes? Then we have terrific news.
  30. j.d. salinger
    Two Salinger Stories From New York’s ArchivesRead a pair of stories from ‘New York’ on the author’s private business.
  31. in the magazine
    Michael Cera Happy to Be Mocked, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkMaggie Gyllenhaal! Jason Reitman! Ivan Reitman! And more!
  32. in the magazine
    Tracy Morgan’s Advice for Community’s Donald Glover and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New York’Up in the Air’! ‘Fela!’ And Bob Dylan takes on Christmas!
  33. in the magazine
    Emily Blunt Is Not Your Typical English Rose And Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkPlus: Holiday movie preview! Todd Oldham! Gerard Richter!
  34. in the magazine
    Why Middle-Aged Moms Swoon for Twilight and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkAlso: Cate Blanchett! ‘The Road’! Ian McCulloch! And 70 compact discs worth of Miles Davis!
  35. in the magazine
    Why NBC Deserves Better Than Jeff Zucker, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkAlso: Willem Dafoe! Tim Burton! Nicolas Cage! And much, much more.
  36. in the magazine
    The TV Cougar: A History, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkLynn Redgrave! ‘Precious’! Urs Fischer! ‘Eating Animals’! And more!
  37. in the magazine
    The Devil in Dave, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New York’Antichrist’! Ricky Gervais! Karole Armitage! And more!
  38. in the magazine
    Ayn Rand Wants You to Tell Her Your Premises, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkAlso: Sherri Shepard! Neil Simon! So Percussion! And much, much more!
  39. in the magazine
    John Irving Returns, and Other Wild Culture Highlights From This Week’s New York’Monty Python’! ‘30 Rock’! ‘Modern Family’! Berkeley Breathed! And more!
  40. artsy
    Video: Jerry Saltz’s Fall 2009 Gallery Tour“Money may have left the party, but the party is still going on.”
  41. in the magazine
    A New Kind of Art Boom, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkJulia Stiles! Eric Idle! ‘An Education’!
  42. in the magazine
    Carrie Fisher Takes On Electroshock Therapy, Acid, and Internet Critics Who Think She Looks Like Yoda (and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New York)Also: Stuhlberg! Sidibe! Tosca! The Ephron sisters! Zombie sheep!
  43. in the magazine
    Davidson on Bondy’s Tosca“I hope the Met’s Peter Gelb is already trying to figure out how soon he can scrap this staging.”
  44. in the magazine
    David Byrne Wants to Ride His Bicycle (He Wants to Ride His Bike!), and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkTake a look at what’s in the magazine this week.
  45. in the magazine
    Neil Patrick Harris’s High-wire Act, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkAlec Baldwin! Yo La Tengo! Julianna Margulies! And more!
  46. in the magazine
    Decoding Dan Brown, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkPlus: Letterman! Trey Anastasio! Kings of Leon! Jane Austen! Jimmy Fallon! And more!
  47. in the magazine
    Robin Wright Penn Returns, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkLethem! Eggers! Judge! Silverman! Gershon! Mulligan! Miller! Baranski! McHale! Chase! Binoche! And lots more!
  48. in the magazine
    Pete Yorn Is the New Serge Gainsbourg, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkScarlett Johansson! ‘Inglourious Basterds’! Jim Sturgess! And more!
  49. in the magazine
    Christina Hendricks Baffled by All the Attention Paid to Her Curves, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkPlus: J. Lo! Jonathan Groff! Pete Campbell! Pynchon! ‘Julie and Julia’! And more!
  50. in the magazine
    Sternbergh on Ben Silverman’s Lost PotentialIn next week’s magazine, Adam Sternbergh ponders Ben Silverman’s “unrealized revolution.”
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