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  1. aretha franklin
    Aretha Franklin Sang at Barack Obama’s First Inauguration and Restored the UnionOnly Aretha can restore your faith in the union.
  2. last night on late night
    Triumph the Insult-Comic Dog Roasted Enough Trump Supporters for a Second Video“We’re going to run out of hair jokes. It’s a nightmare for comedians.”
  3. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Tears Apart Trump’s InaugurationWhat a day for patriotic white-male mediocrity.
  4. reality check
    Sean Spicer’s Inauguration Ratings Claims, Fact-checkedSince you asked, Mr. Spicer, there’s plenty of data that suggests the administration’s claim is false. 
  5. Here’s How You Can Livestream Donald Trump’s InaugurationIf you don’t have cable, there are still plenty of ways to watch. 
  6. inauguration
    Watch a Livestream of the Inauguration Concert You’ve heard about Jackie Evancho singing for Trump, now watch it live.
  7. pay attention
    Why You Should Watch Donald Trump’s InaugurationThe great ship Make Him Go Away by Ignoring Him sailed long ago. 
  8. inauguration 2017
    Jennifer Holliday ‘Disheartened’ About Gig“I have been unable to see how my singing helps Donald Trump.”
  9. inauguration
    Evancho Says Inauguration Is Not PoliticalHer sister Juliet, who is transgender, will not attend the ceremony due to “prior engagements.”
  10. hollywood signs
    Hollywood’s Protests Are Getting to TrumpThe inauguration standoff is also a preview of what the creative class will face over the next four years.  
  11. inauguration 2017
    Talladega College Band to Perform InaugurationThe school’s president called the decision a teachable moment for both the band and the college as a whole.
  12. inauguration day
    Rockette Says ‘Majority’ Said No to Inauguration“There is a divide in the company now, which saddens me most.”
  13. beyoncegate
    And Here Are the ‘Beyoncé Was Singing’ TheoriesDo you believe?
  14. quotables
    Aretha Franklin Thinks Beyoncé’s Lip-Synching Scandal Is a Hoot“When I heard that I just really cracked up.”
  15. clickables
    Compare: Beyoncé’s National Anthem Soundcheck to the Final ProductPlay them both at the same time. Dark Side of the Star Spangled Banner!
  16. crushing disappointments
    Beyoncé Was Lip-Synching the National Anthem [Update]Noooooo.
  17. star-spangled banners
    Watch Beyoncé Smash the National AnthemGood job, Bey.
  18. francophile
    James Franco Wrote an Inauguration PoemIt’s called “Obama in Asheville.”
  19. inauguration
    Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, and James Taylor to Sing at InaugurationWith a giant hat, hopefully.
  20. chat room
    Ang Lee Explores His Sexy Side“At the end of that scene, when she gives that wicked smile, she looks back at him, like, ‘Is that all you can deliver?’”
  21. apropos of nothing
    Ben Silverman Plans to Devote Himself to Public ServiceA timeline.
  22. the industry
    Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore Will Play Big Edie and Little EdiePlus industry news on Tobey Maguire, Sarah Jones, and Steven Seagal!
  23. right-click
    Arcade Fire: Now Even More Arcade Fire–yKanye, plus Swedes and Canadians!
  24. the early-evening news
    Barry Manilow and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Don’t Fall in LovePlus: News about Michael Bay and Will Ferrell!
  25. countdown
    Boy Beauty! Girl Geek!Beauty and the Geek reveals a twist straight out of teenage-sex comedies.
  26. quote machine
    Quote Machine, Auteur Edition: Cronenberg, Haggis, Rogen, Tarantino, Gallo Discuss Their WorkFive filmmakers on their work (or, in Vincent Gallo’s case, his penis).
  27. vulture picture palace
    ‘Tommy the Kid’: An Aussie Western … on Bikes!Is the Western back? Maybe so, if this short film has anything to say about it.
  28. vulture lists
    10 Favorite Beatles Covers of All TimeVulture tests out its sexy new streaming audio player!
  29. ranters and ravers
    Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter Could Learn a Thing or Two From ‘Mr. Woodcock’With a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 18 percent, Mr. Woodcock is unlikely to get Vulture to a movie theater. But it “delivers some chuckles” and that was apparently good enough for Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter.
  30. the industry
    Mary-Louise Parker Picks Up the ‘Phone’Plus industry news on Eminem, Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  31. right-click
    Mixed DrunksBob Dylan, Earlimart, and more!
  32. countdown
    Really, J.J. Abrams? This Is What You’re Giving Us?Cloverfield “clues:” A mysterious medieval-looking manuscript and a girl with a bladder infection.
  33. quote machine
    Jason Bateman Owes Film Career to BlackmailRegis Philbin and Jeff Garlin, plus: Cate Blanchett talks breasts!
  34. trailer mix
    ‘Quarterlife:’ Like ‘LonelyGirl15,’ Except FakerEven Tay Zonday is laughing at this.
  35. news reel
    Dragons in Dunder-Mifflin! Craig Robinson of ‘The Office’ Reveals how Chintzy the ‘Dragon Wars’ Shoot Really WasDaryl from the warehouse on the joys of budget movie-making.
  36. backlash
    Led Zeppelin Reunion To Be Terrible, Promises Robert PlantLed Zep are set to reform, with John Bonham’s son Jason playing drums. Too bad it’ll be awful!
  37. apropos of nothing
    Paul Haggis Is Nicer Than You, SuckerTough shit, Reese Witherspoon!
  38. trailer mix
    ‘Dragon Wars’ Trailer: Like Michael Bay, But Cheaper!The store-brand salsa of action movies.
  39. apropos of nothing
    The Season of the Wang Is Under WayThe ‘Observer’ notices all those wangs everywhere.
  40. art candy
    A Sweater Lovely as a TreeIsabel Berglund’s cuddly City of Stitches should be the avant-garde mascot for environmentalist types the world over (though we suspect they’d oppose to the cotton medium — is there such a thing as soy yarn?), and pretty much the only tree we’d ever actually hug.
  41. chat room
    Cronenberg’s New Villain Is Not That Evil in Real LifeThe French actor on being evil, David Cronenberg, and French hip-hop.
  42. ranters and ravers
    After Internal Investigation, Washington ‘Post’ Admits Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter Liked ‘License to Wed’“Highly amusing,” he called it.
  43. quote machine
    Steve Carell Recalls Best-Ever Trip to Men’s RoomSeth Green on being sort of famous and Phil Collins on why he’s such a crappy drummer.
  44. apropos of nothing
    Ten Things That Probably Stressed Out Meg WhiteThe White Stripes canceled their fall tour this morning citing Meg White’s “acute anxiety” and inability to travel. What’s to blame for her breakdown?
  45. kudos
    Jon Stewart Back As Oscar Host, But We Have Better IdeasAnd our ideas come in handy chart form!
  46. kudos
    Jon Stewart Back As Oscar Host, But We Have Better IdeasAnd our ideas come in handy chart form!
  47. leak of the week
    New Foo Fighters Album Leaks — Commence RockingHere at Vulture, we’ll pretty much get onboard with anything and everything that Dave Grohl does — he’s funny, he’s talented, and he’s handsome enough to make us forget that the last Foo Fighters single we liked was “Monkey Wrench” ten years ago.
  48. beef
    50 Cent vs. Kanye West: This Thing Is Pretty Much Over, Right?It’s obviously too early to call, but we’d like to go on record as predicting that Kanye will definitely, absolutely have the No. 1 album in the country next Wednesday (if we’re wrong, Vulture promises to stop recording rap albums).
  49. the industry
    Edward Norton and Brad Pitt Are Back in the ClubPlus industry news on Roman Polanski, George Romero, and Boaz Yakin.