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  1. movies
    Precocious 11-Year-Old Boy Reviews InceptionJackson — a.k.a. Lights, Camera, Jackson — found the movie too confusing.
  2. movies
    What If Dumb & Dumber Were More Like Inception?The question on many a mind.
  3. the industry
    Your Box Office Explained: The Other Guys Wins the Weekend Dance-off“Everyone says, ‘You gotta go outside The Box!’ — but, here’s the thing: The box still kinda works just fine.
  4. movies
    Is Inception Merely a Scrooge McDuck Derivative?… Or are we all Scrooge McDuck derivatives?
  5. x-men first class
    After Seeing Inception, Vaughn Alters X-Men: First Class Script“We completely ripped out about 12 pages.”
  6. inception
    Inception Costume Designer Reveals All“The children’s clothing is different in the final scene.”
  7. the industry
    Your Box Office Explained: Inception and Kids Do All Right, Charlie St. Cloud Less SoMaybe next time, Zac.
  8. the science of awesome
    25 Reasons Why This Indian Dance-Battle-Romance Spectacle Is More Mind-blowing Than InceptionSome critics, including one for ‘The Hindu,’ have criticized the fact that it can “not be true to life.” We think they are missing the point.
  9. inception
    Will Hans Zimmer’s Piaf-Inspired Inception Score Be Eligible for an Oscar?AMPAS’s byzantine rule system disqualifies at least one great score every year. Will it happen to ‘Inception’?
  10. movies
    Watch Inception 4 KidzTwo drooly little thumbs up.
  11. movies
    Want to Know a Little Inception Secret?It’s not too spoilery.
  12. bringing out the dead
    How Many Times Each Inception Character ‘Dies’Ever fallen asleep while playing a video game?
  13. inception
    Five Ideas for the Now-Possible Inception Sequel’Inception: The Sleepsquel.’
  14. questionable ideas
    Why Are There No Movies About Regular Dreams?Will the success of ‘Inception’ lead to movies about non-terrifying dreams?
  15. inception
    Damon Lindelof Gets In On Inception Theorizing’Lost’ mastermind has some thoughts on the final shot.
  16. movies
    See Inception, Starring Dora the ExplorerVery good!
  17. inception
    The Ellen Page Inception Look: Asexual ChicEveryone else gets to look fantastic except Page. No fair!
  18. chat room
    Inception’s Dileep Rao Decrypts Inception“I don’t think the ‘It’s all a dream’ theory makes much sense to me.”
  19. theories
    The Hidden ‘Inception’ Within InceptionThe idea that might have been planted within Cobb’s subconscious.
  20. the industry
    Box Office: Inception Performs Dreamily’Inception’ brings in $60.4 million. ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ takes $24.5, in two more days.
  21. reception
    Inception Is Indeed Making MoneyA midnight opening earned the movie its first few millions.
  22. at the cinema
    When to hit the Bathroom During InceptionTwo golden opportunities.
  23. nightmares
    Showtime Drafts Off of Dream ManiaThey’re showing ‘Dreamscape,’ a cheesy sci-fi flick about dream raiders. Sound familiar?
  24. reception
    Is Inception the Anti-Avatar?Yes.
  25. inception
    So How Many Oscars Will Inception Win?How much hardware will Christopher Nolan take home next February 27?
  26. vulture lists
    10 Rules for Proper Dream SequencesTips for a device that predates even the close-up.
  27. inception
    Would Inception Do Better With a Different Star?Maybe!
  28. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Inception: “Clumsy and Confusing”“The tone is so solemn I felt out of line even cracking a smile.”
  29. movies
    Breaking News: Critics Like Movies Again!Is ‘The Kids Are All Right’ one of the “most compelling portraits of an American marriage in film history”?
  30. movies
    Watch Five Minutes of InceptionA handful of scenes from the Christopher Nolan film.
  31. buzz
    Raise Expectations: Inception Reviews Are InWe hope there is some place to go other than down.
  32. inception
    Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Understand Inception’s Screenplay“It was a very well written, comprehensive script, but you really had to have Chris in person, to try to articulate some things.”
  33. chalk
    Inception’s Crazy Chalkboard’Inception’ faces off with ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘I Heart Huckabees,’ and ‘School of Rock.’
  34. reception
    1st Review: Inception Will Be Awesome, Confusing“Trusting the intelligence of the audience can cost Nolan at the box office.”
  35. movies
    Watch a New Inception FeaturetteThe newest look at Christopher Nolan’s film focuses on the characters.
  36. 3-d
    Christopher Nolan Is Perfectly Happy With 2-D“We didn’t have the time” to convert ‘Inception’ to 3-D, he says.
  37. trailer mix
    Inception Trailer: Don’t Dream It’s OverLooks good!
  38. dreamweaver
    Inception Becomes Moderately Less MysteriousBut only moderately.
  39. inception
    Christopher Nolan’s Inception Poster Goes Down a Familiar StreetIt looks like the ‘Dark Knight’ one.
  40. commercials
    Check Out Christopher Nolan Doing ‘Research’ for InceptionIt’s viral video time!
  41. inception
    Will You Understand Inception?Nolan: “So you’ve read the script — did you understand it?”
  42. trailer mix
    New Inception Trailer Defies Gravity, Our ComprehensionWha?
  43. imaginariums
    Inception: The Imaginarium of Christopher Nolan?Want to know the plot of Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ follow-up?
  44. trailer mix
    Inception Trailer: Dancing on the CeilingSee the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ follow-up.
  45. the industry
    Ben Stiller Being Used AgainPlus: More ‘Inception’ details, and Christina Aguilera headed to the silver screen.
  46. the industry
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Picks Up James Franco’s ScrapsPlus: Stephen Dorff is so back.
  47. the industry
    Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, and Marion Cotillard to Help Christopher Nolan Delay Batman 3Plus, who wants to get shot by Ted Nugent?
  48. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Being Very Cooperative Right NowPlus: Drugs! Ego! Time travel! The inside story of the DeLorean.