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  1. all in the family
    It’s Pretty Creepy to Root for Game of Thrones Incest, Right?Targaryen or not, Jon didn’t grow up hoping and praying that he might someday sleep with his aunt.
  2. shipping
    Is It Gross to Ship Jon and Daenerys?They’re two single, attractive adults who happen to be aunt and nephew.
  3. exclusive
    The Better Flowers in the Attic Trailer Is Back!You probably missed it the first time.
  4. party chat
    Elizabeth Olsen Is the Latest Actress With a Fake Incest Problem Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays her husband in Godzilla and her brother in Avengers 2.
  5. tv
    Dexter Showrunner: ‘The Idea of Love Makes People Uncomfortable’“I find it kind of interesting that people are uneasy about Deb’s love toward her brother.”
  6. How Much Is Too Much Incest on TV?Three HBO shows?