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  1. rock hall 2021
    Live From the Rock Hall Induction, It’s Chappelle’s Show“I would like to apologize,” the comedian said while inducting Jay-Z. “I’m just fucking with you all.”
  2. rock hall 2021
    Paul McCartney Inducts His Beautiful Stalker, Dave Grohl, Into the Rock Hall“We had a great time with our groups, but then eventually tragedy happened.”
  3. rock hall 2021
    The Go-Go’s Ding the Rock Hall’s Misogyny Problem“There would not be less of us if more of us were visible.”
  4. rock hall 2021
    Jay-Z’s Rock Hall Induction Made Him ‘Cry in Front of All These White People’“Sorry for this long-ass speech.”
  5. rock hall 2021
    Taylor Swift Pleads Her Case for Carole King Being the Greatest Songwriter EverOf course there’s also a cat reference.
  6. rock hall 2021
    Drew Barrymore Goes Full Go-Go’s Girl for Their Rock Hall Induction“This is a true-blue love letter from their biggest fan.”
  7. respect the classics
    A History of Inductees Snubbing the Rock Hall of Fame, Sorted by PettinessSome hate the institution, others don’t. Either way, things get awkward.