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  1. glorious returns
    Jon Stewart May Be on HBO Before the ElectionMakes sense.
  2. boycotts
    Tyler Perry Joins Chorus Condemning Georgia’s Anti-Gay Bill“We do not tolerate bigotry, division, and discrimination.”
  3. boycotts
    Time Warner Joins Disney and AMC in Opposition to Georgia Anti-Gay BillTime Warner urges Governor Deal to veto.
  4. the girl with the dragon tattoo
    Why Aren’t More Women Who Loved the Dragon Tattoo Book Planning to See the Movie?The novel was a best seller with women, but the marketing seems to be scaring them from David Fincher’s film.
  5. industry
    Marc Webb to Direct the Next Three Spider-MansColumbia loves his young touch, and his comparatively low price tag.
  6. industry
    Vulture Exclusive: What Really Killed Spider-Man 4? Avatar!James Cameron’s boundary-pushing CGI convinced Sam Raimi he couldn’t do his sequel right in time.
  7. industry
    Hugh Jackman Too Busy to Star in Weird-Ass Soderbergh MusicalBut he’s not too busy to play an owl!
  8. industry
    Michael Pitt to Pick Up Steve Buscemi’s Dry CleaningPlus: Andrew Lloyd Weber satisfies your mom’s wildest desires, and ‘The Terminator’ gets the respect it’s due.