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Inevitable Comparisons

  1. inevitable comparisons
    Stephen King Compares Donald Trump to Two of His Most Unsavory CharactersWas Under the Dome’s Big Jim Rennie a Precursor to Trump?
  2. inevitable comparisons
    How Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Is Just Like Little WomenIf only Rory were more like Jo.
  3. How Amazon’s I Love Dick Captures the Spirit of the NovelHow do you turn a theoretical novel of ideas into a watchable, reasonably accessible show? 
  4. inevitable comparisons
    How Baz Luhrmann-ish is The Get Down?Relatively Baz-ish.
  5. inevitable comparisons
    How Sam Esmail’s Comet Foreshadows Mr. RobotIn many ways, Comet establishes a partial blueprint for what would become Mr. Robot.