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  1. legacies
    The Rewriting of David Foster WallaceHow the author of Infinite Jest became the center of a self-help cult.
  2. party chats
    Jason Segel’s Advice on How to Read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest“You have to read it in doses.”
  3. Jason Segel to Play David Foster Wallace in a BiopicJason Segel has been cast as late author David Foster Wallace in an upcoming film called The End of the Tour, The Wrap reports. The movie is […]
  4. Last Night’s ‘Parks and Rec’ Was Full of References to ‘Infinite Jest’ Parks and Recreation co-creator / showrunner Mike Schur is a noted fan of David Foster Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest, and prior to last […]
  5. David Foster Wallace and the Comedy NerdMike Schur, showrunner of Parks and Recreation, is obsessed with David Foster Wallace. At Harvard, he made Wallace an honorary member of the […]
  6. infinite jest
    Read an Interactive Infinite Jest MapBased on David Foster Wallace’s novel.
  7. video
    Parks and Rec Co-Creator Michael Schur Directed a Decemberists VideoHe tells us all about his homage to his longtime obsession, David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest.’
  8. clickables
    Check Out Poor Yorick Entertainment, a Collection of Infinite Jest–Inspired ArtworkFictional movie posters, fake magazine profiles, and more.
  9. clickables
    Read a Collection of Unpublished Infinite Jest ExcerptsPlus a number of notes and essays from David Foster Wallace’s archives.
  10. dfw
    David Foster Wallace Predicted You Will Get Tired of iPhone 4’s New FunctionalityThe video phone: just a fad?
  11. dfw
    Infinite Jest Possibly Improved by Pop-up Windows’Infinite Jest’ has been released as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with “enriched footnote capability.”
  12. book report
    Anderson on the Ultimate Summer ReadA web-wide book club is discussing ‘Infinite Jest’ from now until September.
  13. baseless rumors
    The ‘Infinite Jest’ Screenplay: Real, Sort Of!Sadly, David Foster Wallace had nothing to do with it.