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  1. influences
    Björk, Hairspray, and 6 More Things That Influenced Perfume Genius’ New Album“I could feel it when I was a kid and watching Hairspray: This makes sense to me.”
  2. influences
    Harold and Maude, Beck, and 7 Other Things That Influenced Emma.Director Autumn De Wilde on the movies, music, and TV that inspired her own coming of age.
  3. british comedy
    How Spike Milligan’s Q Paved the Way for Monty PythonLooking back on the surreal sketch show that debuted six months before Flying Circus.
  4. influences
    5 Extremely ’80s Albums That Influenced Wild Nothing’s IndigoBig budgets, weird sounds, and all!
  5. influences
    Perry Mason, Jimi Hendrix, and Other Pieces of Pop Culture David Lynch LovesAs revealed in Lynch’s new memoir, Room to Dream.
  6. influences
    The Best Part of Riverdale Is All of the Twin Peaks ImageryThat Black Hood couch crawl made me shriek in delight.
  7. vulture lists
    Search Party’s 13 Biggest Pop-Culture InfluencesThe major cultural landmarks that shaped Dory and the gang, from Alfred Hitchcock to The Comeback.
  8. influences
    How Garry Shandling’s Unexpected Death Inspired the Most Recent Episode of Girls“The truth was that Judd [Apatow] lost Garry Shandling.”
  9. vulture lists
    13 Non-Superhero Films That Influenced LoganThe new Wolverine film draws extensively from the Western, the American road movie, and dystopian sci-fi.
  10. influences
    Michelle Obama Reflects on How Much Mary Tyler Moore Meant to Her“She was one of the few single working women depicted on television at the time.”
  11. where you lead
    Amy Sherman-Palladino Explains Her Cultural InfluencesJudy Garland, Buffy, KROQ, and more.
  12. influences
    Tig Notaro Recalls the Tremendous Influence Ellen DeGeneres Had on Her“She made stand-up seem like something within my reach.”
  13. influences
    4 Things Westworld Will Remind You of (and One Thing It Won’t)HBO’s Westworld is a series that’s layered with familiar influences and previous stories.
  14. influences
    Tilda Swinton on Her Bowie-Influenced Role in A Bigger SplashThe actress on the influences behind her performance in A Bigger Splash.
  15. influences
    Breaking Bad and More Influences on Crazy Ex-GFThink of Rebecca Bunch as a “bubbly Walter White.”
  16. influences
    Rising Singer Gallant on His 5 Biggest InfluencesThe Zane Lowe–approved artist nerds out on Brandy, Prince, Janet, and more.
  17. influences
    Better Call Saul Influences: Godfather and More“We’ve been ripping off Edward Hopper shamelessly over the last two years, at least.”
  18. influences
    Lin-Manuel Miranda on Hamilton’s Influences“The amount of information Aaron Sorkin packs into a scene gave me this courage to trust the audience to keep up.”
  19. influences
    The Cast of Fargo on How They Found Their Voices This Season“When the words are really, really good, you just try them on and surrender. It’s just like music that plays over you.”
  20. influences
    The Affair’s Sarah Treem Loves the Elena Ferrante Novels TooLenú and Lila 4eva.
  21. influences
    Dr. Who, Beer, and Other Rick & Morty Influences“Would our moms get this? Would they be entertained by this?
  22. influences
    Whit Stillman on 10 of His Biggest InfluencesIncluding Evelyn Waugh, J.D. Salinger, and Alfred Hitchcock.
  23. influences
    Taxi Driver, Girls, and 7 Other Big Influences on Mr. Robot“There’ll be a little bit of a nod to Dr. Strangelove in the season finale that people can look out for.”
  24. influences
    John Green on 12 of His Biggest InfluencesIncluding Toni Morrison and Jimmy Stewart.
  25. influences
    Spike Lee on 10 of His Cultural InfluencesHis latest joint, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, opens in select theaters this weekend.
  26. influences
    Former My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way Explains His Britpop InfluencesThe New Jersey singer discusses his Lush life.
  27. influences
    21 Things That Influenced Gillian Flynn’s Books“It’s fast, it’s smart, ludicrous, and it’s really subversive and sly in its remarks on gender.”
  28. influences
    John Darnielle Explains His Cultural InfluencesDarnielle’s novel Wolf in White Van is out this week.
  29. influences
    Lev Grossman Explains His Cultural InfluencesOn the occasion of the final book’s release.
  30. influences
    Mike Judge Explains His Cultural InfluencesThe movies, TV shows, musicians, and cartoonists that inspired him.
  31. influences
    Veronica Mars Creator Rob Thomas Explains His Cultural InfluencesThe movies, TV shows, books, and musicians that helped to shape the Veronica Mars creator’s work.
  32. influences
    Kristen Bell Explains Her Cultural InfluencesThese are the movies, performers, and cuisines that inspired her.
  33. tv
    Dan Harmon Explains His Cultural InfluencesThe movies, books, and evolutionary anthropologists that inspired him.
  34. influences
    The Coen Brothers’ Folk InfluencesJim and Jean, Bob Dylan, Mickey Woods, and more.
  35. influences
    The Cultural Influences of Night Vale’s CreatorsFrom Stephen King to Thomas Pynchon, the movies, books, theater, and music that inspire them.
  36. tv
    Kurt Sutter Explains His Cultural InfluencesIn no particular order, the filmmakers, musicians, playwrights, and comics that inspired him.    
  37. influences
    Andrew Bujalski Explains His Cultural InfluencesThe movies, books, TV shows, albums, and European countries that shaped his work.
  38. influences
    8 Things That (Probably) Wouldn’t Exist Without Fellini’s 8 ½One very famous R.E.M. video, for starters.
  39. influences
    Paul Feig Explains His Cultural InfluencesIn no particular order, these are the movies, books, cuisines, and teachers that inspired him. 
  40. influences
    Questlove: My Youth in 27 RecordsThe Roots drummer and Jimmy Fallon’s bandleader on the albums that defined him.
  41. influences
    Shane Carruth Explains His Cultural InfluencesFrom Fatal Attraction to Borderliners, the movies, books, video games, and grocery stores that inspire Carruth.
  42. influences
    T Bone Burnett Explains His Musical InfluencesFrom Louis Armstrong to Treme, the Nashville executive music producer shares the artists who shaped his musical development.
  43. influences
    Belle & Sebastian: A Treasure Hunt to Find the Influences Hidden in Their MusicCharlie Brown, Bob Dylan, the Smiths, and Jean Seberg: They’re all in there!