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  1. infotainment
    John Oliver’s Segment on PACE Is Basically The Big Short 2: Even Bigger ShortsFeaturing a George Clooney cameo.
  2. infotain me!
    ‘Babble On’: Hop in bed with Pattinson and Rielle!Another screamy week in infotainment!
  3. that’s infotainment!
    ‘Babble On’: It’s Oscar Night and the Infotainment’s RightDid Chris Rock goose Gabourey Sidibe? Was Hilary Swank actually wearing a dress at all? Are stars the best ever?
  4. babble on
    Babble On: Tiger Woods and Robert Pattinson, Infotained!That’s infotainment, folks!
  5. video
    ‘Babble On’: Betty White Learns Of The SituationAnother shrieky week’s worth of infotainment, condensed into one minute.
  6. tragedies
    Nancy O’Dell Leaving Access Hollywood After Thirteen YearsThis is a sad, sad day.