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  1. Should You See Marvel’s Inhumans in Imax?The first two episodes are in theaters this weekend.
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    The Real Hero of Marvel’s Inhumans Comic-Con Trailer Is Medusa’s Strangling HairMarvel’s Inhumans debuts its first two episodes in IMAX theaters on September 1.
  3. Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer Features Intrigue and a Teleporting DogPlus plenty of the former Ramsay Bolton, Iwan Rheon.
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    Ken Leung Cast As the Heroic Karnak in Marvel’s InhumansThe Lost alum will be a royal courtier with the ability to find flaws in all things.
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    Marvel’s Inhumans Casts Game of Thrones’s Iwan Rheon As the Bad GuyHe’ll portray Maximus the Mad, would-be royal usurper.
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    Marvel’s Inhumans Loses Potential Movie, Wins ABC Television SeriesThe series will debut in the summer of 2017 in Imax theaters before coming to ABC the following fall.
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    Disney Expunges Inhumans From 2019 Release SlateDisney/Lucasfilm’s upcoming Indiana Jones movie has bumped Inhumans back to an unspecified release date.