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  1. injuries
    Production Halted on Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop After John Cho Injured on SetThe actor reportedly requires surgery following a knee injury sustained during filming.
  2. bachelor nation
    The Bachelor’s Peter Hospitalized After Splitting Face Open on Cocktail GlassesBut he’s already back to work and seducing the ladies.
  3. health and safety
    Ruby Rose Undergoes Emergency Surgery After Severe Batwoman InjuriesShe sustained two herniated discs, and was at risk of paralysis.
  4. car accidents
    Kevin Hart Reportedly Suffers Serious Injuries in Car AccidentThe comedian’s wife Eniko Hart said he’s “going to be just fine” following hospitalization.
  5. snl
    Chris Kattan Alleges He Broke His Neck During Live Saturday Night Live SketchThe actor claims he received the injury in May 2001 during an “MSNBC Investigates” parody about teens roleplaying as the Golden Girls.
  6. Watch a Trauma Surgeon React to Action-Movie InjuriesThere’s no way these folks would walk away without a scratch …
  7. injuries
    What Is Going on With Donald Glover’s Foot?We have questions.
  8. How Obvious Are Jeremy Renner’s Broken Arms in Tag?A Vulture investigation.
  9. ow
    Here, Tom Cruise Wants to Show You This Footage of His Foot Breaking Mid-StuntHope you like it as much as his co-star Rebecca Ferguson, who’s absolutely dying over here.
  10. production delays
    Westworld Production Interrupted by Actor’s Off-Set InjuryOne of two units filming the show’s second season has suspended production.
  11. interventions
    A Brief History of Ed Sheeran’s Insane InjuriesFrom swords to volcanoes to yacht-jumping, Sheeran’s gotten hurt by it all.
  12. injuries
    Marilyn Manson Was Crushed by a Large Prop Onstage in New YorkManson was reportedly carried off the stage on a stretcher.
  13. jeremy renner has collapsed
    Jeremy Renner Says Arm Injuries Won’t Effect His Other Jobs, MostlyJeremy Renner is going to be fine, says Jeremy Renner.
  14. well wishes
    Chopra Thanks Fans After Quantico Set InjuryThe actress hit her head during a stunt.
  15. tidal x 1015
    Witness the Moment We Learned Beyoncé Might Actually Be HumanSo many holograms.
  16. lawsuits
    Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg Sued Over Concert Railing CollapseSeventeen people were injured when a railing collapsed at their show in Camden, New Jersey.
  17. tony robbins
    Tony Robbins Convinced Dozens of His Followers to Walk Across Hot Coals“Unleashing the Power Within” is apparently really painful.
  18. injuries
    Axl Rose Will Perform at Coachella in a Cast“This is what can happen when you do something you haven’t done in nearly over 23 years.”
  19. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    Dylan O’Brien Was Run Over By Car on Maze RunnerHe has suffered multiple broken bones.
  20. ed sheeran
    Ed Sheeran Burst His EardrumBut can he still hear himself Thinking Out Loud?
  21. feel better soon!
    Fallon Injured His Other HandThe year of injured-but-okay Jimmy continues.
  22. injuries
    Fetty Wap Hospitalized, Recovering After Motorcycle Crash in New JerseyHe was also issued three court summonses.
  23. injuries
    Jimmy Fallon Finally Explains the Freak Accident That Almost Lost Him a FingerBan wedding rings.
  24. Jimmy Fallon Explains His Recent Finger Injury on ‘The Tonight Show’A little over two weeks ago, the Tonight Show taping was canceled due to Jimmy Fallon mysteriously injuring his hand. The show returned with […]
  25. Jimmy Fallon Can’t Tell Jokes One-HandedIf you’re a dedicated Tonight Show viewer, you’ll be disappointed to learn that tonight’s episode has been canceled for a very strange and […]
  26. injuries
    Jimmy Fallon Cancels Tonight Show Taping After Hand InjuryThe injury required minor surgery.
  27. injuries
    Post-Accident Bono Says He Might Be Done With the GuitarIn an extensive, revealing post on the band’s website.
  28. get well soon
    Kings of Leon Drummer Injured in Tour Bus AccidentThey postponed tonight’s show as a result.
  29. injuries
    Harrison Ford Can’t Shoot Star Wars for 8 WeeksThanks to that broken ankle.
  30. The Complete Guide to Everything: The BeachThis week we’re talking about one of everyone’s favorite summer destinations: the beach! Well, more specifically we’re talking about Tim’s trip […]
  31. injuries
    Miguel’s Leg Drop Victim Is Still Having ProblemsHer lawyer says she could have brain damage.
  32. injuries
    Roger Ebert Hospitalized for Hip FractureHis wife says he was busting out “tricky disco dance moves.”
  33. overnights
    The Newsroom Recap: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!Heads, hands, hearts — nothing is safe on this week’s episode.
  34. injuries
    Aaron Sorkin Broke His Nose While WritingIt’s the mirror’s fault.
  35. spider-man
    Update: Spider-Man Musical Injures AnotherAnother night, another mishap for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
  36. injuries
    Get Well Soon, Conan!Talk-show host hospitalized after hitting his head.
  37. injuries
    Perry Farrell Is Getting OldHe tore his calf muscle during a concert in Atlanta last night.
  38. injuries
    Christian Bale Becomes Latest Hollywood Star to Experience Phalange IssuesFirst Shia LaBeouf, now this!