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  1. theater review
    Theater Review: In Ink, What’s Black and White and Rupert All OverThe making of a tabloid mogul.
  2. reality tv
    Snooki Is Hosting a Show Where People Tattoo Each Other, Because ‘Trust’Permanent, schmermanent.
  3. ink
    Bob Odenkirk Celebrates Better Call Saul’s Renewal by Flashing His Ass TattooBetter call that NSFW.
  4. tattoo mia
    Can You Guess What Amanda Seyfried’s Tattoo Means?It definitely doesn’t mean “vagina.”
  5. ink
    Justin Bieber’s New Torso Tattoo Took Over 20 Hours to CompleteOuch.
  6. boy bands
    Nick Lachey Has Covered Up His 98 Degrees TattooThe end of an inky era.
  7. ink.
    Pretty Little Liars Actresses Get Matching TatsShhhhhhh.
  8. ink.
    Miley Cyrus’s Tattoos Are Getting Political NowThe newest is her fifteenth.
  9. ink.
    Justin Bieber Took Vulture’s Tattoo AdviceHe actually got Hebrew lettering tattooed!
  10. ink.
    Vulture’s How-To Guide for the Celebrity-Tattoo AficionadoClick through, if only to see Gwyneth Paltrow with chicken wings Photoshopped onto her back.