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  1. on comedy
    Nick Kroll Wishes Kroll Show Got Inside Amy Schumer-Level Fame“I’m probably more competitive than I’d like to admit.”
  2. year in culture 2016
    The 20 Best Comedy Sketches of 2016Including breakout clips from Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, Inside Amy Schumer.
  3. Bob Odenkirk, Fred Armisen, and Zach Galifianakis’ 2002 Sketch Show of […] Not long ago, media writers were talking about a “sketch boom” with shows like Inside Amy Schumer, Portlandia, Kroll Show, Key & Peele, […]
  4. amy schumer
    Amy Schumer Speaks Out About Kurt Metzger’s Controversial Rape Comments“He’s the problem, no question, but the focus is on him rather than on what the real main problem is.”
  5. happy trails
    Schumer: Inside Amy Schumer Is ‘Not Canceled’She tweeted the news in the midst of the controversy involving Kurt Metzger.
  6. Amy Schumer on Her Comedy Central Series: ‘We Aren’t Making the Show […]Was the season 4 Inside Amy Schumer finale from June the last episode of the series? That seems to be what Schumer announced on Twitter last […]
  7. speaking out
    Metzger Clarifies His Rape Comments“None of my venom is for any victims of anything. I wouldn’t blame a victim for ANYTHING.”
  8. disappointments
    Metzger Says Schumer Spoke Out After He Said To“She would have been silent to the end.”
  9. Rape Accusations Against a UCB Performer Have Sparked an Ugly But […] Last weekend, Facebook filled up with posts by various comedians and writers in New York after news broke that both UCB theaters in the city […]
  10. Jessi Klein Wants You to Know It’s Gonna Be OkayAfter years of working on beloved TV comedies like Strangers with Candy, Saturday Night Live, and Kroll Show, Jessi Klein took an opportunity […]
  11. The Best Comedy Sketches of 2016 (So Far)It’s not only “Farewell, Mr. Bunting!”
  12. roll clip!
    Amy Schumer Visits the Gynecologist“I don’t see what’s so hard about saying vagina.”
  13. inside amy schumer but out of the box
    Inside Amy Schumer Parodies The KnickIt really nails the hissy fits.
  14. How ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Has Adjusted to its Star’s Ever-Increasing […] Seemingly every new season of Inside Amy Schumer has brought us the same question: What is Amy going to donow that she’s gotten famous? Her […]
  15. exclusive
    Inside Amy Schumer’s Healthy-Relationship AnthemWalk a mile in his shoes or wear his clothes, and do a presentation for him at work without being asked to.
  16. inside amy schumer
    Amy Schumer Takes On Gun Safety in IAS SketchWelcome to the gun show.
  17. trailer mix
    See a New Teaser for Inside Amy Schumer Season 4The sketch show comes back April 21.
  18. The Season 4 ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Trailer Has ArrivedWe’ve seen the promo, we’ve seen the sneak peek, and today, the first (and very uncensored) trailer dropped for the new season of Inside Amy […]
  19. Amy Schumer Writes Her Hamilton, Betsy RossHave a seat, Linda.
  20. Watch a Sneak Peek from ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 4 with Lin-Manuel […]Ahead of Inside Amy Schumer’s season 4 premiere later this month, Comedy Central revealed a new sketch from the season to Entertainment Weekly […]
  21. Here’s the First Promo for ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 4Amy Schumer’s hit Comedy Central show just got a premiere date and promo. Entertainment Weekly reports that Inside Amy Schumer’s fourth season […]
  22. wga
    The Americans Showrunners on How Keri Russell Was CastPlus, why Sam Esmail can’t go to sleep these days.
  23. Comedy Central Renews ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and ‘Broad City,’ Orders ‘Time […] Rest easy, Broad City fans, because the show isn’t leaving us anytime soon. Comedy Central announced today that it’s given Abbi Jacobson and […]
  24. renewals
    Inside Amy Schumer and Broad City Renewed; World RejoicesThe people have spoken.
  25. parodies
    See Amy Schumer’s 12 Angry Men ParodyStarring John Hawkes, Paul Giamatti, Vincent Kartheiser, and Jeff Goldblum.
  26. ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ is Much Better Than Any Awful Pun I Can Make HereInside Amy Schumer premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. eastern on Comedy Central. Gander at your local cable box’s listings to confirm this. The […]