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  1. Watch David Letterman Ask 600 Musicians About Their Drums as an Inside Joke Apparently, David Letterman has an inside joke where he asks every musician that performs on his show whether their drum set is rented or […]
  2. Dan Harmon Talks Why Sony Doesn’t Like HimDan Harmon by all accounts is pretty happy nowadays. And who can blame him, with two script orders from majors networks. So, in an interview […]
  3. the industry
    Paul Thomas Anderson and Philip Seymour Hoffman Find ReligionPlus: ‘True Blood’! Harold Perrineau! Kevin Connolly!
  4. inside jokes
    Jeffrey Wells and David Poland Get AnimatedProbably the greatest thing we have seen in the last six hours. Maybe longer. But not much longer.
  5. the take
    Please, Mitchell Hurwitz, Pack the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie With Jokes Only We UnderstandThe ten inside jokes we hope make an appearance in an Arrested Development movie.