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  1. history on screen
    Valley of Tears Is Historical Fiction for Today’s Grim RealityThe timing of the Israeli drama series, now on HBO Max, feels unsettlingly ironic, for Israeli and American audiences alike.
  2. tv
    Why Deutschland 86 Isn’t a ‘Black-and-White’ Cold War Spy StoryCreators Anna and Jörg Winger on the follow-up season to their cult thriller about an East German spy.
  3. netflix originals
    Your Next Netflix Binge May Require You to Learn About CricketTo Wikipedia!
  4. Time to Pave the Entire Earth, Because ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Is Going InternationalWatch them sing history on literally every road.
  5. vulture lists
    5 Great International Shows That Should Be StreamingFrench ghosts, Danish politicos, Australian teens — so many shows.