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  1. extremely online
    A Glitch Wreaked Havoc on TikTok TodayCheck in with your friends.
  2. extremely online
    Nicki Minaj’s Unreleased ‘New Body’ Verse Now Lives in Ubiquity on TikTokSorry to the rest of that Kanye West song.
  3. extremely online
    The Best High-School Drama You’re Not Watching Is on TikTokLet’s break down the clownery.
  4. sotw
    TikTok Really Might Make Jack Harlow’s ‘Whats Poppin’ Song of the (No) SummerOur TikTok song of the week goes to one of the year’s biggest sleeper hits.
  5. sotw
    TikTok Can’t Stop Making Videos With ‘Hood Baby’ by KBFRThe lyrics “Down South, hood baby” really are “makin’ all the girls go crazy.”
  6. youtube originals
    A New Demi Lovato Docuseries Is Coming to YouTube to Break UsPlus, James Charles’s Instant Influencer is getting a second season!
  7. sotw
    TikTok Made ‘Party Girl’ by StaySolidRocky a Top 40 Hit Without Him Even TryingBut it already had 2 million YouTube views before the Hype House found it.
  8. sotw
    Saint Jhn’s ‘Roses’ Got a Miraculous Chart Boost From TikTokIt’s the latest TikTok song you don’t know you know.
  9. extremely online
    BTS Army Matched the Band’s $1 Million Donation to Black Lives MatterPurses open!
  10. sotw
    Kash Doll’s ‘Ice Me Out’ Has the TikTok Girlies Dancing Years After Its ReleaseFinally, a reason to dance, in this week’s TikTok song of the week.
  11. remixes
    The DJ Who Remixed Cardi B’s ‘Coronavirus’ Is Back at It With ‘Lose Your Job’“Get this dance.”
  12. crime
    Jake Paul Charged With Criminal Trespassing After Filming LootersThe YouTuber had denied looting an Arizona mall.
  13. explainers
    How Did #BlackOutTuesday Go So Wrong So Fast?Kehlani, Lil Nas X, and more have criticized the social-media movement.
  14. sotw
    TikTok’s ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge Didn’t Start With the Song ‘Wipe It Down’Unpacking the origins of this week’s TikTok song of the week.
  15. politics
    Petition to Turn CNN Into Cardi News NetworkThe rapper shared some political analysis on Instagram.
  16. in development
    Gawker Might Get a Second (Third?) Life As an Apple TV+ ShowFormer staffers are reportedly developing a series based on the blog’s rise.
  17. quarantine hobbies
    Jason Derulo’s TikTok Presence Has Gotten Out of ControlIt takes time, effort, and talent to be this corny.
  18. extremely online
    Students Think College Board Is Running a Reddit Sting to Catch AP Test CheatersConspiracy theories swirl as high-schoolers struggle with taking exams at home for the first time in history.
  19. have you seen this?
    TikTok’s Aspiring Wes Anderson Just Had All Those Twee Props Laying Around“I’m such a sucker for little little trinkets and treasures.”
  20. things that don't feel real
    Anthony Hopkins Hits the Toosie Slide, Remains IntactWords we never thought we’d write.
  21. tiktok
    The ‘Savage’ Remix Already Has a New TikTok Dance ChallengeThe creator dropped part two just hours after the song came out.
  22. coronavirus side effects
    Oprah Winfrey to Deliver Digital Commencement Speech for the Class of 2020Winfrey joins Miley Cyrus, Awkwafina, and more in Facebook’s #Graduation2020.
  23. animal crossing
    How Animal Crossing’s Singing Shih Tzu Took Over TikTokOne video has almost 3 million views.
  24. impersonations
    Ariana Grande Has Had It With All the ‘Ponytail TikTok Girls’Thank u, next.
  25. coronavirus side effects
    Ansel Elgort Posts Nude Photo for a CauseThis is what a philanthropist looks like.
  26. tiktok talk
    Cool Grandma Judi Dench Gets Into Quarantine TikTokShe really hits the choreography.
  27. parental controls
    TikTok Disables DMs for Users Under 16 One Day Before Charli D’Amelio’s BirthdayConvenient.
  28. quar goss
    TikTokers Charli D’Amelio and Lil Huddy (If You Don’t Know, Ask a Teen) Break UpThings are gonna be real awkward at the Hype House now.
  29. #______isoverparty
    Ezra Miller Appears to Choke a Woman in Strange VideoMiller is trending after the footage emerged on Twitter.
  30. theater
    Hamilton Cast Reunion Happens in Separate RoomsAll thanks to John Krasinski’s new YouTube show, Some Good News.
  31. extremely online
    How Drake Got a Viral TikTok Dance Challenge Before Even Dropping the SongDrake tries to harness the power of TikTok with “Toosie Slide.”
  32. quarantuning
    It Only Took Five TikToks to Make Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’ Go ViralMegan Thee Stallion’s song is taking over, thanks to a TikTok dance challenge.
  33. another one
    VidCon 2020 Is Canceled and You Already Know WhyOrganizers are eyeing the fall for a replacement event.
  34. coronavirus
    Monday-Night Telekaraoke With 10 Internet Strangers (and the Occasional Dog)Singing on Zoom, in my room.
  35. quaranteens
    Here Are Some of the Best Viral (I’m Sorry) Coronavirus TikToksSocial distancing doesn’t mean social-media distancing.
  36. who asked for this
    Twitter Can Have a Little Story As a ‘Fleet’The feature is currently only being tested in Brazil.
  37. vulture sports
    Beyoncé Needs to See This UCLA Gymnast’s Stunning Homecoming Floor RoutineTwenty-one-year-old Nia Dennis turned her floor routine into Beychella.
  38. controversy
    Director Jason Lei Howden Used the Guns Akimbo Twitter to Harass People OnlineHowden spent the weekend embroiled in Twitter controversy.
  39. debunked
    No, BTS Army Didn’t Crash TikTok (Yet!)A broken link, not fans, kept people from hearing the group’s newest single.
  40. shane please step on my neck!
    YouTube Supercuts Were All Queer Kids Had Until The L WordIt was the first time I remember watching a television show and not needing to speed through to find the gay stuff. The whole show was the gay stuff.
  41. stop shouting at me
    Company Name Henceforth Known As COMPANY NAMEA certain tech giant shout-announced a rebrand today.
  42. extremely online
    YouTube’s Most Famous Family Is Facing Rape AllegationsThe ACE Family patriarch, Austin McBroom, has been accused.
  43. late night
    What to Expect From A Little Late With Lilly SinghShe’s not like other late-night hosts.
  44. The Rise of the No-Context ScreenshotWhy use words when you can just use The Good Place instead?