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  1. extremely online
    How Baby Yoda Took Over the Internet[Sips broth.]
  2. trolls
    Online Trolls Were Shaken and Stirred by New 007 Lashana LynchShe’s the new 007, but not the new Bond. And that’s kind of the point.
  3. moving to boston with my cousin
    Somebody Give This Theater Kid a Tony for Her Musical ParodiesLiva Pierce’s viral Twitter video flawlessly captures the strangeness of musical singing cues.
  4. the internet
    Hasan Minhaj Wants to Mail You a Netflix DVDIf your internet provider sucks, there is a way out!
  5. the humor section
    You Hit the Paywall, You Stupid F***ing Idiot, by Brian AglerDid you forget that journalism costs money?
  6. See Fewer Posts Like This, by Liz Arcury Why Are You Hiding This Post Today? • This post is offensive • This post threatens harm • This post proposes the notion that Adam […]
  7. Out of Office Replies for These Political Times, by Kimberly Harrington I’m sorry I missed your e-mail. As you may have heard, women are no longer allowed to use computers so I’ve actually missed every single […]
  8. An Excerpt from ‘The Best American Emails,’ by Amanda MeadowsYou’re Invited to a Screening of ~HOCKEY JERKS~ To: amandasjunkmail@ymail.com From: thescreenery@screenery.film Subject: You’re Invited to a […]
  9. Green Day Answers ‘Wake Me When September Ends’ Internet Joke with New Song IdeaCould be a hit though …
  10. twitter
    Seth Rogen Finally Responds to His Weirdest FanWhat this fan lacks in imagination, they make up for in persistence.
  11. hillary clinton
    Hillary Clinton Wrote a Heartfelt Post for The Toast’s Final Day“Don’t be afraid to carve out a space of your own.”
  12. J.J. Abrams Wasn’t Into That Star Trek Sequel“I take full responsibility for this.”
  13. This Week in Web Videos: ‘F the Internet’How refreshing it was to stumble across the YouTube page of a one Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough. Led there by her F the Internet, and made to […]
  14. popebars
    The ‘Pope Bars’ Meme Will Add Some Bass to Your PrayersBlessing fingers turn to trigger fingers.
  15. Advertising Email Subject Lines Written by Someone Who Accidentally Hit a […] “Look out! 50% off the sundress of your dreams.” “Jeans that break all the rules, laws, and two or three ordinances.” “EXCLUSIVE ONE […]
  16. movies
    James Franco Debates Movies With His ‘Reverse Self’ in a New ColumnJames and “Semaj” confer on the new horror flick Goodnight Mommy.
  17. appreciation
    Five Stars: A Journey Through 185 Amazon Reviews Written by Anne RiceAnne Rice loves reviewing things on Amazon.
  18. Lewis Black Will Take Your Suggestions for What to Rant About This WeekendComedian Lewis Black will be yelling about whatever topics his audience want him to this weekend. Variety reports that for his show, Lewis […]
  19. Jane Austen Responds to Spam, by Daniel HurwitzSubject: GOOD NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU!! From: David david@freeipad.org To: Jane Austen Hi Friend! OH MY GOSH! I know I shouldn’t talk about […]
  20. Smart Social Media Solutions For You and Your Business, by Brandon HartleyHello there! You may have heard your colleagues talking about this exciting, new thing called “social media” during your most recent […]
  21. Patton Oswalt Will Host the Webby AwardsThe Webbys, the biggest awards show dedicated to honoring stuff on the internet, announced today that Patton Oswalt will host the 2013 […]
  22. A Funny Thing: Sean Canady Owes Elijah Wood an Apology - Here it IsOur story this week: Sean Canady was a lovesick nerd in the heady, wild west days of the early internet. Looking for love in all the wrong chat […]
  23. dan harmon
    Watch Dan Harmon’s Keynote Speech From the XOXO FestivalInternet, gather!
  24. The Final Season of ‘30 Rock’ Begins Tonight; Here’s All the Internet’s […] The first episode of the 30 Rock’s final, 13-episode season airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC, and the internet’s going bananas. Here’s a rundown of […]
  25. psas
    Watch a 1995 PSA About Kids on the InternetRemember bowl cuts?
  26. viral videos
    Get Some Insight Into Viral VideosWhy your Tumblr matters.
  27. internet
    Watch a Tribute to Internet TrollsOur lovely, urbane Vulture readers will have no idea what she’s talking about, right?
  28. patton oswalt
    Patton Oswalt As an Actual TrollFIRST!
  29. Talking with Jake Fogelnest About the Movies and Shows He’s Alone in LikingEveryone has at least one movie or TV show they enjoy that no one else can stand, whether it’s a guilty pleasure or something the rest of the […]
  30. memes
    The Internets Album ArtAll the classics in one place!
  31. Comedian Romany Malco is Better at Internetting than You“While most actors dip into Web comedy to promote a film project or to fool around with half-formed ideas, Mr. Malco’s online presence is […]
  32. gael garcia bernal
    Watch Gael García Bernal Undergo a ‘Twittervention’It’s all about the kittens, GGB.
  33. CollegeHumor’s Making Moves Into the TV ArenaCollegeHumor just announced the hiring of Sam Grossman, a former Director of Development for MTV and Comedy Central, as their new Senior Vice […]
  34. DGA President’s Pro-SOPA, Anti-Google Rant Last Night“We remain undeterred by last week’s events.”
  35. It’s Official: No One Watches TV on the TV AnymoreIt’s a good thing TV ratings aren’t the stock market, because we would all be screwed. Like, more than we are now. This series of comparisons […]
  36. clickables
    Watch the (Real) Real Housewives of the Bible TrailerReal Housewives - the booze + Christian morals = this.
  37. clickables
    Pick Up Some Old But Relevant Internet Safety TipsIt’s not your fault.
  38. clickables
    Watch a Montage of Old News Reports Attempting to Explain the InternetWhat will the kids mock us for in ten years?
  39. clickables
    Watch the 1994 Today Show Anchors Learn About the InternetSimpler times, etc.
  40. the internet
    The Insane Clown Posse Meme Will Live On at Least One More YearThe 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos is on.
  41. the internet
    And the Year’s Most Popular YouTube Video Is …[Drumroll.]
  42. the industry
    Netflix’s Big SummerIt added almost 2 million new subscribers in the period from June to September.
  43. youtube
    YouTube Now Offering Five Extra Minutes Per Video for You to Show Off Your CatThe max is now fifteen minutes.
  44. prince
    Prince’s New Album Will Be Free in British NewspapersWhereas the Internet’s “over,” newspapers are apparently just kickin’.
  45. prince
    The ‘Internet’s Completely Over,’ According To Prince“They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it.”
  46. trailer mix
    ‘Diddy Blog’ Trailer: The River Will Carry YouFinally, the trailer for Diddy’s new blog is here.
  47. the internet
    Die Antwoord Get a Record DealWith Interscope!
  48. chat room
    Mysterious Internet Sensation Die Antwoord on Why They’re For Real, Maybe“When I was a boy, I wanted to be a Ninja. Now I am a man, now I am a Ninja.”
  49. technology
    Hulu Will Allow You to Keep Your MoneyYou can breathe. Hulu will remain free.
  50. the competition
    Spike Jonze Launches Vulture CompetitorIt’s not as easy as it looks, Jonze!
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