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  1. movie review
    Profile Captures the Anxiety of Our All-Digital Lives, But Is That a Good Thing?Come for the ISIS recruitment exposé, stay for the social-media nightmare.
  2. podcast review
    Caliphate Is a Breathtaking Investigation of ISISThe New York Times podcast answers an essential question: “Who are we fighting, anyway?”
  3. Why the New York Times Is Making a Podcast About ISISCaliphate is a stunner of a podcast. Here’s how it all came together.
  4. Conner O’Malley’s Latest Video Features Jo Firestone, ISIS, and Premium […]It wouldn’t be right to close out 2017 without one more video from Conner O’Malley, and if you already saw his video from September where he […]
  5. oops
    Rod Stewart’s Game of Thrones Make-Believe Sure Looks Like an ISIS VideoHe was just trying to re-create a scene from the Red Wedding.
  6. tv
    Bradley Cooper to Develop a Miniseries About the Origins of ISIS for HBOHe will produce with Hangover director Todd Phillips.
  7. bono pitches
    U2’s Bono Tells Congress That Using Comedy Could Help Thwart ISIS“I am suggesting that the Senate send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen, thank you.”
  8. cancellations
    BVS Cancels Red Carpet After Brussels Attack“Rather than yield to terror, we’ve decided to join the film’s fans and move forward with the premiere.”
  9. political fictions
    Obama Compared ISIS to Heath Ledger’s JokerAccording to a profile on his foreign policy.
  10. downton abbey
    Why the Downton Abbey Dog Is Named Isis“I said, ‘Keep it something Egyptian.’”
  11. sexual assault
    Morrissey Is Fed Up With the TSA, Says It’s Worse Than ISIS“TSA stands for Thorough Sexual Assault,” he believes.
  12. paris attacks
    Artist Director Pens Open Letter to ISIS“Here in France, what we love is life.” 
  13. parody ads
    Dakota Johnson Joins ISIS in Controversial SNL Sketch“Dad, it’s just ISIS.”
  14. Adam Reed Says ‘Archer’ Will Drop the Name ‘ISIS’ Next SeasonNot only will FX’s Archer “unreboot” next season, but according to creator Adam Reed, the series will also drop spy organization name ISIS – […]