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It’s Always Sunny

  1. FXX Renews ‘It’s Always Sunny’ for Seasons 13 and 14It’s Always Sunny isn’t leaving us anytime soon, because today Variety reports that FXX has officially renewed the series for a 13th and 14th […]
  2. The New ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Trailer Is an ’80s Ski Slope AdventureYou’ve got to hand it to the It’s Always Sunny team when it comes to trailers – they might not give away anything about the new season, but we […]
  3. It’s Always Sunny: The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s RevengeAt some point along the long slow crawl of evolution, something terrible happened to the Reynolds’ family tree. Where most people have the […]
  4. It’s Always Sunny Recap: The High School ReunionSmash ‘em up! From the first image of Dee sucking down a beer bong in a parking lot while dressed in formal wear, you knew it we were in for a […]
  5. It’s Always Sunny Recap: ‘How Mac Got Fat’Would that every It’s Always Sunny episode began in a confessional. “I’m super pissed because my friends made me fat,” a sweaty, enraged Mac […]
  6. It’s Always Sunny Recap: ‘Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games’Jeesum crepes! It’s Always Sunny changed things up last night with their very own “bottle episode,” confining themselves to Paddy’s for a round […]
  7. It’s Always Sunny Recap: ‘The Storm Of The Century’Back on top! After what I personally considered to be a real zero of an episode last week, It’s Always Sunny returns to top form, or close to […]
  8. It’s Always Sunny Recap: Frank’s BrotherI feel like this was an It’s Alway Sunny episode that is probably going to be divisive; some will love the change in format and scenery, others […]
  9. The It’s Always Sunny Cast Photo Begs To Be On Your Mantelpiece Don’t have a mantelpiece? Then go get one, goddamnit. Then you can just sweep all the photos of your grandma, cousins and college graduation […]
  10. More Seasons of Louie, It’s Always Sunny, Wilfred On The WayIt looks like you’ve been spared again from the cold vacuum of your existential dread, because Louie, Wilfred and It’s Always Sunny have all […]