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It’s Britney Bitch

  1. it’s britney bitch
    Britney Spears’s Father Rebukes #FreeBritney Conspiracy Theorists“This is our business. It’s private.”
  2. it’s britney bitch
    Britney Spears Sings a Live Cover of Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Something to Talk About’You’ve been dreaming ’bout it every night.
  3. it’s britney bitch
    The Arrival of Britney Spears Has Thrown Israel Into Total ChaosA Spears–Netanyahu feud could even be brewing.
  4. it’s britney bitch
    Get Your Tickets to See Britney Spears in Vegas; She Won’t Be There Much LongerThe end is nigh.
  5. it’s britney bitch
    Britney Spears Forgets to Sing With James Corden in Carpool Karaoke Teaser Maybe she’s saving her voice for the official segment on Thursday?
  6. it’s britney bitch
    Britney Spears Is Going to Carpool KaraokeYou better work.
  7. it’s britney bitch
    Add Britney Spears to the Growing List of Stars Who Love AdeleTwirling twirling twirling from the other side.
  8. it’s britney bitch
    Britney’s New Album Is Her Worst-Selling EverIt’s not a good week for Britney Jean.
  9. it’s britney bitch
    Simon Cowell Tries to Convince Us That Britney Is Just As Mean As He IsHe swears she’s not that innocent.
  10. it’s britney bitch
    Glee Is Planning Another Britney EpisodeAll Britney Thursdays.
  11. it’s britney bitch
    Report: Britney Spears Set for X FactorBut can anyone really fill Nicole Scherzinger’s shoes?
  12. it’s britney bitch
    Britney Spears Presents ‘The Year in B.S.’Including the 75 “most ridiculous” stories about the three-way-loving mother of two.
  13. it’s britney bitch
    Britney Spears Delivers Her (Pretaped?) Late Show Top Ten in a BikiniHer handlers clearly still aren’t confident she can handle live television.