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It’s Complicated

  1. nancy meyers week
    I Got High and Made Croissants Like Meryl StreepCan a layperson make fancy baked goods high? Or is this a skill bestowed exclusively upon Meryl Streep in Nancy Meyers’s It’s Complicated?
  2. nancy meyers week
    A Chaotic Taxonomy of the Nancy Meyers Cinematic UniverseOver four-plus decades, the filmmaker has created a very specific visual language. Here is the key.
  3. nancy meyers week
    Nancy Meyers Searches for Her Own ComfortFor decades, she’s been the foremost purveyor of onscreen hygge. Now she’s ready to retire it all.
  4. it’s complicated
    One Direction Going on Break: Report [Updated]Everything SUCKS.
  5. vulture lists
    13 TV Weddings That Prove You Should Never Get MarriedWe understand if you might have second thoughts after seeing these ceremonies.
  6. Julie Klausner, Some Pies, Discovered in This It’s Complicated Deleted […] As someone who’s never seen a single Nancy Meyers movie, including It’s Complicated, Julie Klausner’s “deleted scene” from that very movie is […]
  7. it’s complicated
    Watch Writer-Comedian Julie Klausner in a Deleted Scene From It’s ComplicatedWatch your back, Rita Wilson.
  8. it’s complicated
    Abercrombie & Fitch Will Pay The Situation to Not Wear Their ClothesBut things weren’t always so hostile.
  9. mary jane
    Fuddy-Duddies at MPAA Saddle It’s Complicated With ‘R’ Rating Thanks to Reefer MadnessMindless violence is still a-okay with the MPAA, but smoking a joint is cause for alarm.
  10. news reel
    Steve Martin on His Oscar-Hosting Gig“Oh, that’ll be easy.”
  11. alec baldwin
    Parade Removes 80 IQ Points from Alec BaldwinParade probably makes everyone sound this dumb, but it’s especially funny when it’s Alec.
  12. trailer mix
    It’s Complicated Trailer: Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin Face Off for Meryl Streep’s HeartWe might be getting soft in our old age, but this looks pretty good!