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It’s Not Tv It’s Hbo

  1. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Unbox Your Eye Shadows: Hunter Schafer’s Euphoria Special to Premiere in JanuaryShe co-wrote the episode, called “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob.”
  2. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    HBO Darling John Oliver Thinks HBO Max Is a Piping Load of ‘Ash Heap’He discussed the Gone With the Wind debacle.
  3. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Is Sharp Objects Going to Pull a Big Little Lies on HBO?The show’s creator, Marti Noxon, implied such a thing.
  4. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Nicole Kidman Isn’t Optimistic for Big Little Lies Season 3We’ll just write some Celeste fan-fiction.
  5. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Steven Moffat and His Nonlinear Style Coming to HBO With Time Traveler’s WifeLet’s guess the timeline count!
  6. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Sharp Objects Will End All Episodes With Mental Health and Substance Abuse PSAsIt’s similar to what 13 Reasons Why did.
  7. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    HBO Refused to Air This One ‘Horrifying’ Sex and the City SceneTo be fair, it’s … something.
  8. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    HBO Says It Went Back and Fixed All the Pay Disparities in Its ShowsAll thanks to the persuasion of Reese Witherspoon.
  9. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Did You Catch Anthony Scaramucci’s Producing Credit for This HBO Film?“I just gave them the dough.”
  10. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Issa Rae Announces The Insecure Season Two Premiere DateIt and Ballers will now follow Game of Thrones in the summertime.