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It’s Science!

  1. it’s science!
    Movies Might Not Be Tanking Because of Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores After AllYves Bergquist of USC’s Entertainment Technology Center says there is no correlation between the site’s scores and movies’ box-office returns.
  2. it’s science!
    Surprise! ‘True Love Waits’ Is Scientifically Radiohead’s Most Depressing SongStop crying to “Creep” — it gets worse.
  3. it’s science!
    Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweet-Reviews Force AwakensThe scientist has spoken.
  4. it’s science
    Dave Chappelle Plans for Cell-Phone-Free ShowsThe plan involves little science pouches. 
  5. it’s science
    Stephen Hawking Says Zayn Is Still Part of 1DScience!
  6. it’s science!
    What’s Your TV Personality Type? Take Our Myers-Briggs–Inspired TestAre you a DSUL? Or a CEMH?