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  1. vulture lists
    Every Stephen King Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestAs It Chapter Two hits theaters, we rank all of the horror master’s film adaptations.
  2. lawsuits
    Warner Bros. Is Being Sued by It Miniseries ProducerPennywise also named in limited liability.
  3. casting couch
    Isaiah Mustafa Cast as Adult Mike in It: Chapter 2The man your man could scare like.
  4. New on HBO: June 2018If you love scary movies, don’t miss It.
  5. castings
    Bill Hader and James McAvoy in Talks to Join It: Chapter TwoThis is turning into the casting event of the year.
  6. castings
    Jessica Chastain Might Actually Be Playing Adult Beverly Marsh in It 2She is reportedly in talks with the studio.
  7. deleted scenes
    Here’s an Alternative It Scene That Is Technically Happier But Still WeirdWhat if Georgie doesn’t die?
  8. It Screenwriter to Pen Are You Afraid of the Dark? MovieSubmitted for the approval of every ’90s kid.
  9. halloween costumes
    How to Dress Like Your Favorite Film Characters for Halloween This YearAny idiot can be Pennywise. This year, it’s time to think outside the box.
  10. Stephen King on His New Netflix Movies, It, and His Big Year“It’s kind of a perfect storm, isn’t it?”
  11. saturday night live
    Kellyanne Conway (Evil) Clowns Around in Saturday Night Live’s Kellywise SketchCould Pennywise do his little insane clown dance in heels? Doubt it.
  12. box office
    It Beats The Exorcist to Become the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie of All TimePennywise dances past the half-billion mark.
  13. stuff the derry tourism board doesn't want you to know
    Bill Skarsgard Describes Cut It Flashback That Hints at Pennywise’s Origin StoryPennywise was alive a looong time before clowns were invented.
  14. It: Everything That Changed From Cary Fukunaga’s ScriptThe director left the project over budget cuts, but his original script has been floating around online.
  15. Have We, As a Society, Reached Peak Scary Clown?Imagine a future where the scary clown loses its shock value. It’s easy if you try.
  16. sequel news
    Director Andy Muschietti Shares Details About The It SequelThings don’t turn out great for Mike.
  17. The Best One-Liners From ItFinn Wolfhard schools us all on how to disparage our peers.
  18. a box office so big it's scary
    The New It Had the Biggest Opening Weekend for a Horror Movie EverAs it turns out, ya do want it.
  19. box office gold
    The New It Has Already Made a Record-Breaking Amount of MoneyHorror movies continue to bring in high returns.
  20. Stephen King on the Controversy About It’s Child Orgy: ‘It’s Fascinating’“That must mean something, but I’m not sure what.”
  21. The Scarier, Funnier New It Easily Surpasses Its PredecessorThe new adaptation is in that rare category of remakes that actually have a mission.
  22. Let’s Cast the Adults for the It SequelWhich 40-something actors should play the grown-up versions of the Losers Club?
  23. endings
    How Does the New It Movie Deal With Stephen King’s Orgy Scene?The controversial scene’s been cut, but its regressive gender politics remain.
  24. chat room
    It’s Andy and Barbara Muschietti on Changing Fukunaga’s Script and Scaring KidsAnd how no one wanted to know the backstory of Henry Bowers.
  25. It, the 1990 Mini-series, Is Not As Scary As You RememberWatch the first It again, as an adult. You might be surprised by how often you giggle.
  26. The Complete History of Scary Clowns▶️ There’s a historical reason that clowns in pop culture strike fear in the hearts of audience members.
  27. accidental activations
    Someone in Pennsylvania Is Tying It-Like Red Balloons to Sewer GratesThe Lititz Police Department would like the local prankster to stop creeping them out.
  28. vulture lists
    17 Horror Movie Remakes That You Should Actually WatchEnjoy a Fright Night on Sorority Row with some Evil Dead.
  29. ask an expert
    An Expert Explains Why You’re Scared of Creepy Clowns and Other Horror TropesA Harvard psychiatrist has the answers to your It-based fears.
  30. possible necessary remakes
    Director Andy Muschietti Might Have Just Confirmed the IT SequelThe studio has not confirmed a second movie yet, but the director says it’s his first priority.
  31. not a joke
    The World Clown Association Blames It for Giving Clowns a Bad RapThanks for nothing, Pennywise.
  32. a casting couch of one's own
    Human Chameleon Tilda Swinton Could’ve Been Your It Pennywise the ClownWe can see it.
  33. Pennywise the Clown Is on the Prowl in the It Trailer“You’ll float too!”
  34. New It Trailer: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the SewerBill Skarsgård is having too much fun playing a demon clown.
  35. Watch More Children Lose Their Innocence in the Creepy New It TrailerBill Skarsgård is the new clown nightmare.
  36. The New Stephen King’s It Costume Is a Childhood-Ruiner, in a Good WayLooks like we’re going to need a bigger inhaler filled with battery acid.
  37. the industry
    Cary Fukunaga Isn’t Directing It AnymoreThe project is also apparently being pushed indefinitely.
  38. exclusive
    Cary Fukunaga Will Shoot Stephen King’s It Next SummerIt will be two movies.
  39. The 11 Scariest TV Shows Ever (and Where to Stream Them)Don’t watch Ghostwatch alone.
  40. All of Stephen King’s TV Work, RankedThe Stand, Salem’s Lot, The Shining
  41. progress
    Cary Fukunaga Will Direct Two-Part It MovieHe’ll co-write the adaptation, too.
  42. the industry
    Mischa Barton Is SlippingPlus: ‘Jurassic’ Park with aliens.