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    Ramsay Bolton From Game of Thrones Is Now a Cheery Leprechaun on American GodsHe’s back and he’s nice now!
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    Marvel’s Inhumans Casts Game of Thrones’s Iwan Rheon As the Bad GuyHe’ll portray Maximus the Mad, would-be royal usurper.
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    GOT’s Iwan Rheon on Ramsay Bolton’s Last Stand“Ramsay is kind of impressed by Jon, and what he did in the Night’s Watch, and the fact that he’s led an army to Winterfell.”
  4. big musical number
    Ramsay Bolton Sings About Being a Nice PersonHe’s not a monster. He just plays one on TV and your dreams.
  5. Will the Bolton Boys Pay for Their Crimes in Season 6 of Game of Thrones?“There will be debts to be paid.”
  6. last night on late night
    Relax: Ramsay and Reek Are Buds IRL, and Here’s a Smooch to Prove ItPals.
  7. GOT’s Iwan Rheon on Ramsay-Sansa’s Wedding Night“I don’t think it’s a domination thing with Sansa.”
  8. How All the Game of Thrones Cast Members Spent Their Summer VacationsProduction on the fifth season is now in full swing.
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    Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon on His Season-Three Finale RevealSpoilers ahead, obviously.