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    Brad Paisley’s Love and War, and 5 Other Albums to Listen to NowFrom Brad Paisley’s Love and War, to J Dilla’s Motor City, here’s a selection of new, recently released albums worth checking out.
  2. Gary Simmons’s Studio PlaylistFrom Billie Holiday to J Dilla, here’s what to listen to today.
  3. clickables
    Hear, Download a New Track From Madlib and J DillaEnjoy.
  4. right-click
    J Dilla Does the ‘Safety Dance’No, seriously, he remixed “Safety Dance.”
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    Nelly Goes WestPlus: New songs from Britney Spears and DJ Shadow!
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    Oasis Still Refreshingly Oasis-yPlus: Mike Skinner covers Elton John! No, we don’t know why!
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    Bob Dylan and Jack White Collaborate on Most Crotchety MP3 of All TimeMusic from George Clinton and the Simpsons!