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  1. interview
    Marc Maron on Difficult Interviews, Ryan Adams, Neil Young, and More“Neil Young’s another one. I didn’t really know, going in, that he doesn’t like doing interviews … That started off pretty dicey.”
  2. A Certain Feminist Bookstore Owner Interviews Dinosaur Jr. Yep, it’s that feminist bookstore owner. They really do look alike. I wouldn’t say J. Mascis and Fred Armisen look alike yet J-Max and Candace […]
  3. last night’s gig
    Banana-Fueled J Mascis Performance Inspires Mosh PitAn hour before J Mascis’s other (not Dinosaur Jr.), other (not the Fog) band, Witch, drowned Luna Lounge in blown-out psych-punk last night, Mascis fueled up with a banana from Hana Food on Metropolitan Avenue.
  4. last night’s gig
    Dinosaur Jr. Holds the Beef