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Jabba The Hutt

  1. jabba the hutt
    Diego Luna Is a Man on a Mission, and That Mission Is Touching Jabba the HuttHe’s also willing to French kiss Jabba.
  2. fun with gifs
    Jesse Pulled a Princess Leia in the Breaking Bad Finale [GIF]The only thing missing was Jesse in a slave-girl outfit.
  3. star wars
    If There’s Going to Be a Yoda Movie, Shouldn’t There Also Be a Boba Fett Movie?We have suggestions.
  4. star wars
    See the Allegedly Original Jabba the Hutt PropMust! Not! Make! Bruce Vilanch joke!
  5. tv
    See the Bizarre Jabba the Hutt–Themed Parks and Recreation SpoofIt’s ‘Hutts and Recreation,’ just because.