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  1. one great story
    The Reintroduction of Lorde, Reluctant RoyalSolar Power seems anxious to shatter our expectations, to communicate that Lorde isn’t and maybe never was the figure many assumed she was.
  2. solar power
    Lorde Takes a Poser to Task on ‘Dominoes’“Must feel good being Mr. Start Again.”
  3. my album is dropping
    Break Out Your Crystals, Lorde’s Solar Power Is Here“Won’t take the call if it’s the label or the radio.”
  4. strange desire
    Jack Antonoff Might Be Producing a Relationship With Margaret QualleyThe musician and actor spent the weekend making out in New York City.
  5. solar power
    Lorde Says She Hasn’t ‘Made a Jack Antonoff Record’The singer-songwriter responded to recent criticism of her producer’s work ahead of her third album, Solar Power.
  6. summer hits
    How Jack Antonoff Found That Magical Moment of Musical Clarity“One day you wake up and you’re like, Oh my God, we’re in this.”
  7. new-ish music
    Taylor Swift Drops ‘The Lakes (Original Version)’ for One-Year Folklore-versary“To say thank you for all you have done to make this album what it was, I wanted to give you the original version of ‘The Lakes.’”
  8. music
    Jack Antonoff Debuts Zadie Smith’s Bleachers Co-Write ‘91’ for Tiny DeskPerformed outside Electric Lady Studios, complete with one tiny desk.
  9. new releases
    Get Ready for the First Diana Ross Album in 15 YearsThank You drops in September.
  10. credits
    Zadie Smith Helped Jack Antonoff Write a Bleachers SongWhat can’t she write?
  11. clairo with an o
    Clairo Rises in the Antonoff Power Rankings With New Album and SongFirst backing vocals on “Solar Power,” now “Blouse.”
  12. song review
    Lorde Has Risen But Only Halfway“Solar Power” feels more like a carefree vacation update than the blockbuster comeback we’ve been anticipating since the simpler times.
  13. my single is dropping
    Lorde Releases Her Beachside Babe Bop ‘Solar Power’And announces her third album of the same name.
  14. last night on late night
    Jack Antonoff Didn’t Care for All Your Little Quarantine Hobbies“There’s a culture of people who make sourdough. And when the pandemic hit, how do they feel?”
  15. grammys 2021
    Taylor Swift Brings Ren Faire Energy to Grammys with folklore MedleyBig night for fake moss.
  16. my single is dropping
    Moving Past That Cover, Lana Drops ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club,’ the SongHer album of the same name will be out March 19.
  17. album review
    Taylor Swift Is Done Self-MythologizingAs folklore did, the stories in evermore ask us to consider what motivates women when they act desperately against their interests.
  18. my single is dropping
    Bleachers Releases the Most Jersey Song of the YearFeaturing Bruce Springsteen!
  19. tulsa jesus freak
    Lana Del Rey, 6-Time Grammy Nominee, Says She ‘Will Die an Underdog’“I’m not the kind of artist who’s ever going to get justified,” she told Jack Antonoff.
  20. vulture guides
    Your Map to the Musical Woods of Taylor Swift’s folkloreSeventeen post-folklore music recommendations, from Bob Dylan to Sixpence None the Richer.
  21. vulture guides
    6 Key Elements of the Jack Antonoff SoundWith folklore, Gaslighter, and Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass out, it’s the perfect time to review — and define — the Jack Antonoff Sound.
  22. books
    Lana Del Rey’s Spoken Word Poetry Audiobook Is OutViolet Bent Backwards Over the Grass features music from Jack Antonoff.
  23. album review
    folklore Isn’t a Return to Taylor Swift’s Roots, But Somewhere She’s Never BeenHer stories here are more purposeful, if a little less personal.
  24. as told to
    The Story Behind Every Song on Taylor Swift’s folkloreThe National’s Aaron Dessner walks us through the surprise record, how his songs compare to Jack Antonoff’s, and the mysterious William Bowery.
  25. nils sjöberg
    Listen to This ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Cover Maybe Sung by Taylor Swift’s BroWelcome back, Nils.
  26. spoken word
    Lana Del Rey Drops Her New Spoken-Word Piece ‘Patent Leather Do-Over’As always, shout out to Sylvia Plath.
  27. you deserve this
    Carly Rae Jepsen Releases Dedicated Side B for Your Living-Room Dancing Pleasure“I hope it makes it yah dance your pants off!” she wrote.
  28. bless the lorde
    Lorde Is Back and She Has UpdatesHer new music is “so fucking good.”
  29. snaps
    Lana Del Rey Shares Details of Audiobook, Violet Bent Backwards Over the GrassBreak out your berets and/or flower crowns!
  30. music videos
    Let FKA Twigs’s ‘Holy Terrain’ Music Video Hypnotize You“Holy Terrain” features Future and was produced by Skrillex and Jack Antonoff.
  31. the industry
    Jack Antonoff, Sounwave, and Sam Dew on What the Music Industry Gets Wrong“My advice to any artist or writer is come out here and get your armor on.”
  32. music
    Lana Del Rey Wrote and Recorded a New Somber Song About Mass ShootingsHear “Looking for America” now.
  33. taylor swift
    Ready, Aim, Listen to Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘The Archer’ From LoverShe’s been the archer and the prey.
  34. new yorker festival 2018
    Jack Antonoff Says What’s Going on With Kanye West Right Now ‘Hurts’“People who on a gut level let you down in a way that you never thought possible.”
  35. concerts
    Lorde Covers St. Vincent’s ‘New York,’ Achieves Peak Ethereal Cool GirlLorde and Jack Antonoff performed it together.
  36. The Sound of Modern Pop Peaked This Year — and Now It Needs to ChangeIn an effort to be everything to everybody, big singles are marching toward “pop centrism.”
  37. right click
    St. Vincent Makes Heartbreak Bicoastal in Her New Song ‘Los Ageless’It’s a little more upbeat.
  38. pro tips
    Jack Antonoff on How to Write a Perfect Pop SongHe’s crafted hits for Taylor Swift, Lorde, and his band Bleachers. There is no formula. But he does have a few tips.
  39. right click
    Every Place Is the Perfect Place to Listen to Lorde’s New Song, ‘Perfect Places’This has Jack Antonoff’s prints all over it.
  40. 7 Best New Songs of the Week: Carly Rae Jepsen, Jack Antonoff, Halsey, and MoreCarly Rae Jepsen is becoming the pop queen of B-sides and lost tracks.
  41. right click
    Bleachers Gives ‘Don’t Take the Money,’ Featuring LordeThe band is as ’80s-inspired as ever.
  42. collaborations
    Sony Music and Above Average Make Digital DealA new friendship!
  43. book deals
    Jack Antonoff to Write Book About Record StoresIt’s a series of essays called Record Store.
  44. video
    Watch Sally Field and Max Greenfield Get AwkwardIn this exclusive clip from their upcoming film.
  45. girl power
    Jack Antonoff on Pop Ladies Covering Bleachers“All of these women inspire me to write music.”
  46. conversations
    Jack Antonoff on His New Web Series for GoogleThank You and Sorry debuts for free on Google Play on Tuesday.
  47. The History of Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham’s Internet-Born Best FriendshipTaylor Swift gave Lena Dunham a moth as a housewarming gift.
  48. new york comic con 2014
    What You Missed at Jack Antonoff’s New York Comic-Con PanelStar Wars and “socially conscious” stealing.
  49. Listen to a Preview of Taylor Swift’s ‘Out of the Woods’It kind of sounds like Savage Garden.
  50. q&a
    Vulture’s Jada Yuan to Interview Jack Antonoff at New York Comic-ConLet’s talk about music.
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