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  1. postmortem
    24 Finale: A Showrunner Explains Why They Did That to Jack Bauer“We always conceived this as the final season.”
  2. alternate endings
    Another Character Almost Died on the 24: Live Another Day FinaleGuess who!
  3. overnights
    24: Live Another Day Season 9 Finale Recap: JustifiedAsk not for whom Jack Bauer’s signature can of whup-ass opens. It opens for thee.
  4. damnit!
    5 Impossible Decisions Jack Bauer Made on 24The One Where Jack Ordered a Surgeon to Stop Operating on Audrey’s Ex So He Could Save a Terrorist. 
  5. vulture lists
    Jack Bauer’s 24 Best Kills on 24Because even when he’s half dead and not wearing pants, Jack Bauer remains the most dangerous man in the room.
  6. party lines
    Sutherland, Prinze, and Turner at 24 Premiere“As far as I’m concerned, Jack Bauer is the James Bond of America,” says ‘24’ director Brad Turner.
  7. jack bauer
    Report: Jack Bauer Head-Butts Terrorist Fashion DesignerAccording to a report from an after-party following last night’s Met Ball, ‘24’ star Kiefer Sutherland allegedly head-butted Jack McCollough hard enough to break his nose.
  8. quote machine
    Oprah: Not That Interested in Taking a Pay CutPlus: Okay, who was the genius who told Fall Out Boy they should start watching Fellini?
  9. strike zone
    New Season of ‘24’ Delayed by Writers StrikeNoooooooo!