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Jack Nicholson

  1. telling! it! all!
    14 Other Celebrities Who Might Want to Know They’re in Demi Moore’s MemoirRob Lowe, Flea, and … Lena Dunham?
  2. cats
    Idris Elba’s Entire Cats Performance Is Apparently a Jack Nicholson ImpressionMacavity’s not there!
  3. last night on late night
    Anjelica Huston Promises That Jack Nicholson Is ‘Very Big,’ Yes, in That Way“What is that D thing?”
  4. in conversation
    Anjelica Huston on Growing Up, and Growing Older, in Hollywood“I always thought how great it would be to be a woman of leisure. But I have to work.”
  5. a close read
    Glenn Close Ranks Her Movie HusbandsWas Jack Nicholson better than Robert Redford?
  6. movies
    Spring Chickens George Miller and Jack Nicholson Called Cher ‘Too Old’“And you’re not sexy.’”
  7. tribeca 2018
    Diane Keaton’s Acting Fooled Jack Nicholson Into Thinking She Actually Loved HimHe was “all rattled” about it, director Nancy Meyers said.
  8. alternate universe casting couch
    Bill Murray Lost the Lead Role in the Toni Erdmann Remake to Jack Nicholson“That guy’s a poacher. He’ll take anything.”
  9. casting couch
    Jack Nicholson Will Return to the Screen in American Remake of Toni ErdmannJack is back, and he will be playing opposite Kristen Wiig.
  10. anniversaries
    Gene Hackman Was Hell on the Hoosiers SetJack Nicholson was the first choice for his role. 
  11. bad behavior
    Jack Nicholson Stole David Spade’s Girlfriend While Smoking a ‘Doob’The girlfriend was Lara Flynn Boyle.
  12. Tom Cruise Really Wants Jack Nicholson In His New Presidential ComedyTom Cruise has been wooing Jack Nicholson to join his in-the-works comedy El Presidente, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie was […]
  13. dream casting
    Tom Cruise Is Still Working on That Jack Nicholson ReunionSpecifically, in El Presidente.
  14. crazy town
    17 Moments in The Shining Where Jack Nicholson Looks Totally CrazyOr is he just being Jack Nicholson?
  15. face swap
    Leonardo DiCaprio Really Is Turning Into Jack NicholsonYou’ve been warned.
  16. clickables
    When Jennifer Lawrence Met Jack Nicholson“Is he still here?
  17. oscars 2013
    Here’s the Full List of Oscar Presenters and PerformersJack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman were added today.
  18. les miserables
    Wait, Is Jack Nicholson in Les Miserables?Jean Valjean looks nuts!
  19. casting couch
    Jack Nicholson Being Courted for The JudgeHe’d play Robert Downey Jr.’s Alzheimer’s-addled father.
  20. mashups
    Every Zoom in The ShiningHere’s Johnny, synchronized!
  21. Watch a Supercut of Movie Stars Making Their Film DebutsWell, hello, Young Anthony Edwards!
  22. movies that demand to be made
    The Daily Beast’s Eerily Spot-on Casting of Inevitable Berlusconi FilmJack Nicholson in the lead, Angelina Jolie as his ex-wife.
  23. jack nicholson
    See a Collection of Photos Chronicling Jack Nicholson Through the Years, Courtside at Lakers GamesThe guy knows what he likes.
  24. slideshow
    See Why Meryl Streep Is the Red Carpet’s Most Notorious Kissing BanditSee how the Iron Lady has had her way with Sandra Bullock, Pierce Brosnan, and more.
  25. exclusive
    Jack Nicholson Offered a Role in the Jackie Robinson BiopicNot to play Robinson, obviously.
  26. quotables
    Jack Nicholson Not Enjoying Being Old Very Much“There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.”
  27. surprises
    Stephen Dorff Is a Comedic Screenwriter“I have a comedy idea that I came up with that I’m doing with Adam Sandler’s company that I want to do with Jack Nicholson.”
  28. conan
    Jack Nicholson Will Guest on Conan’s First EpisodeWith Jack White and Seth Rogen.
  29. Conan’s First Guest: Jack NicholsonDespite not having appeared on a talk show in a few decades, it looks like Conan’s first guest is gonna be Jack Nicholson. He was leading in […]
  30. movies
    Cruise and Nicholson May Reteam for El PresidenteThe ‘A Few Good Men’ stars would play a Secret Service agent and the president.
  31. the industry
    Jack Nicholson Is Being Offered an AARP Version of The HangoverAnd we’ve got the script.
  32. movies
    One Man Wonders, ‘What If Willy Wonka Starred Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson?’Brandon Hardesty takes celebrity impersonation to another level.
  33. the industry
    Morgan Freeman Is a Dirty Old ManPlus: Julia Roberts! ‘Roger Rabbit’ Part Deux!
  34. the industry
    Twilight Director to Slum It With ShakespearePlus: ‘Valley Girl: The Musical.’
  35. drama
    Who’s Going to Accept the Golden Globe on Heath Ledger’s Behalf?Our vote is for Jack Nicholson.
  36. quote machine
    New Mark Wahlberg Movie Sounds BoringPlus: Jack Nicholson is still creepy!
  37. quote machine
    Sam Rockwell Almost Perfect in Latest RolePlus: Jack Nicholson!
  38. quote machine
    Citing His Infallible Memory, Keith Richards Disputes the Accuracy of Ron Wood’s AutobiographyPlus: Kate Beckinsale!
  39. quote machine
    Ellen Page Is Neither Molly Ringwald Nor Ally SheedyEverything Ellen Page says is charming and adorable!
  40. quote machine
    Jack Nicholson Faces His Own Libido’s MortalityPlus: Glen Hansard, Colin Hanks, and Vince Vaughn!
  41. quote machine
    Thurston Moore No Guitar HeroPlus: Quotes from Jack Nicholson and Glenn Fry!
  42. beef
    Francis Ford Coppola Takes On Pacino, De Niro, NicholsonWho has the highest Paycheck Ratio?
  43. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Pop-Culture Devils of All TimeWhere does your favorite Satan land on the list?
  44. quote machine
    Tim Burton Appeals to Jack Nicholson’s Humility
  45. quote machine
    Jack Nicholson Thinks Being Slutty Makes You Left-Wing