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Jack Reacher

  1. casting
    Amazon Finds Their Latest Jack In Titans’ Alan RitchsonNo, no. Not Jack Ryan. The other Jack.
  2. keep reaching
    Jack Reacher To Compete For Jack Series Dominance At AmazonWatch out, Jack Ryan!
  3. the reach
    The Rock, Who Has the Reach, Wanted to Be Jack Reacher Over Tom CruiseTom Cruise ended up playing the Lee Child character.
  4. tom cruise’s face
    Why Does Tom Cruise Have the Same Facial Cuts in Every Movie?Under the cheek, and over the nose.
  5. Watch Tom Cruise in New Jack Reacher 2 TrailerOh, hello there, super-soldier Robin Scherbatsky! 
  6. old new york
    The Get Down and How Pop Culture Has Handled NYC’s 1977 BlackoutFrom The Get Down to City on Fire.
  7. the industry
    Tom Cruise to Reach for Jack Reacher 2This time he’ll reach for even more Jacks.
  8. There’s a Jack Reacher Sequel in the WorksNaturally, Tom Cruise is back.
  9. reach of protocol
    Imagining Jack Reacher As a Hero Who Reaches for JacksOnly Jack Reacher can reach Jack Daniels and a jack rabbit and Jack from Lost.
  10. give it a name
    Get Your Generic Action-Hero Name With Our Action-Dude-Name GeneratorWe can do better than Jack Reacher.
  11. weekend box office
    Zero Dark Thirty and Amour Start Strong at Box Office And The Hobbit continues to dominate the big movie field. 
  12. vulture lists
    Read All the Ways Jack Reacher Kicks Ass Over Seventeen NovelsSo. Many. Elbows.
  13. movie review
    Edelstein: Jack Reacher Already Feels Like It Belongs to Another EraIt’s painful to see author Lee Childs’s ex-military vigilante embodied by the diminutive Tom Cruise.
  14. last night on late night
    Samuel L. Jackson Dissed Kenan Thompson Over SNLPlus: Tom Cruise got super-soaked in “Water War,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. scheduling snafus
    Networks and Studios Scramble to Reschedule Violent ProgrammingAmerican Dad, Family Guy, and Haven all bumped in the wake of the Newtown shooting. 
  16. body image
    Tom Cruise Forced to Explain His Un–Jack Reacherish Body“Why aren’t you a behemoth like the REAL Jack Reacher, Tom?”
  17. trailer park
    New Jack Reacher Trailer: Tom Cruise vs. Werner Herzog (?)Now with 100 percent more Werner Herzog.
  18. vulture lists
    All the Ways Jack Reacher Kicks Ass In 17 BooksSo many elbows to the face.
  19. fall movie preview 2012
    Fall Movie Preview: Five Burly Box Office Face-OffsLincoln vs. Bond, Cruise vs. Osama, Perry vs. Ghosts.
  20. trailer mix
    Jack Reacher Trailer: Tom Cruise Has DriveBut does he convince as an intimidating drifter?
  21. titles
    Tom Cruise’s One Shot RetitledIt’s now just Jack Reacher.
  22. casting
    Tom Cruise to Play Very Short Version of Jack ReacherHe’d star as the intimidating, formerly six-foot-five-inch hero of Lee Child’s book series.