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  1. ex-besties
    Bam Margera Reportedly Settles Jackass 4 Wrongful-Termination LawsuitJackass wasn’t Forever for everyone.
  2. ouch
    Johnny Knoxville Brought a Friggin’ Huge Mousetrap to WrestleManiaAlso featured were a nut-kicker machine, gigantic slapping hand, bowling ball, and Taser.
  3. movie review
    Jackass Forever Is a Kinder, Gentler JackassThis might be a more emotional movie than the others. It’s also got more dongs, more zappers, and something called “Scorpion Botox.”
  4. dudes rock!
    Every Jackass Movie, RankedJackass forever!
  5. oh dude it hurts
    The Exquisite Catharsis of JackassFans come for the idiotic stunts, but we stay for the relieving, foulmouthed release we wish for ourselves.
  6. trailer mix
    We’ll Be Honest, the Jackass Forever Trailer Made Us Tear Up a Little BitCrashing into theaters February 4.
  7. jackass
    Bam Margera Reportedly Dismissed From Jackass 4, Entered RehabIn a post last week, Margera said he’s seeking help.
  8. Johnny Knoxville on His New Movie and Whether He’s Done His Last Stunt“I love what I do, but at some point I’m not gonna be able to do it anymore,” he says. “When that time comes I want it to be my choice.”
  9. vulture festival 2018
    Johnny Knoxville Popped Out His Eye Working on Action PointBut it’s fine, he has two of them.
  10. MTV Is Bringing ‘Jackass,’ ‘Beavis and Butt-head,’ ‘Clone High’ and More […] Beavis and Butt-head stealing porn from a sperm bank. Ashton Kutcher reducing Justin Timberlake to tears in his driveway. Kristin Cavallari […]
  11. crazy stories
    Steve-O Did a Ton of Cocaine With Mike TysonThe former Jackass star has been sober for eight years now.
  12. obits
    Jackass’s ‘Don Vito’ Margera Dies at 59He was the butt of many jokes, sometimes literally.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Steve-O Has Been Charged for That Daring SeaWorld Protest StuntNo, Steve-O, no!
  14. good bad ideas
    Jackass Star Steve-O Arrested for Daring Anti-SeaWorld StuntHe climbed a crane with an orca.
  15. across the streaming-verse
    What to Stream on Netflix and Amazon This Weekend: Jackass EditionThe best installment of the stunt series, a pair of Jackass-worthy documentaries, and a vicious Finnish import.
  16. Most Critics Don’t Hate ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa’Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, which is released nation-wide today, is the latest in the Jackass empire of TV shows and films. Though not meant […]
  17. Watch the New Red Band Trailer for Johnny Knoxville’s ‘Bad Grandpa’ We’ve already seen the regular trailer for Johnny Knoxville’s Borat-esque Jackass spin-off Bad Grandpa, which comes out this Friday, but […]
  18. trailer park
    Bad Grandpa Red Band Trailer: You’re Never Too Old to Be Juvenile“They used to call me Jizzy Gillespie.”
  19. A Look Behind Johnny Knoxville’s New Prank Movie ‘Bad Grandpa’“During lunch, Jackson Nicoll, the child actor playing Irving’s grandson, walked up to me and asked if I was a fan of the Jackson Five; when I […]
  20. trailer mix
    Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Trailer: This Time, It’s Scripted (Sorta)There’s a narrative to the hijinx, Borat-style.
  21. Trailer: ‘Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa’ Is a Narrative Movie with Pranks […] The Jackass guys are going in a different direction with their new movie. Called Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, it comes out October 25th and […]
  22. What Does Odd Future Have In Common With Jackass? Another way to phrase that headline: What’s part pranks, part man-on-the-street interviews, part sketches and all created by violent hip-hop […]
  23. pranks
    Watch Some Dummy Light His Hair on FireParents of children: Beware this dude. His name is Kev, and he’s an imbecile.
  24. How Dickhouse Got It’s Name Jackass’ Dickhouse Entertainment, spawned from Dickhouse Publishing, posted a just-so story today about how got the company got its phallic […]
  25. Dickhouse Pays Tribute to Ryan Dunn: The Man, The Stunts, The Bruised […] Shown as part of a memorial service in L.A. Wednesday night, Dickhouse’s Ryan Dunn tribute video will make you tear up like you got punched in […]
  26. If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough: An Ode to JackassJackass first aired over ten years ago in October of 2000, before 9/11, before the iPhone and before Facebook. There’s something about those […]
  27. Louis CK on Jackass: ‘Some of the best movies I’ve ever seen.’In light of the untimely passing of Ryan Dunn, today’s Pitchfork interview with Louis CK in which he talks about his appreciation for Jackass […]
  28. obits
    Jackass Star Ryan Dunn DiesIn a car crash this morning.
  29. Jackass’s Ryan Dunn Killed in a Car AccidentSome very sad news: Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of the Jackass show and movies, was killed in a car accident last night. According to TMZ, […]
  30. clickables
    Watch Britney Spears Enjoy the Jackass Poo Cocktail Supreme
  31. All The Jackass News Fit To Print: Johnny Knoxville Not In Three Stooges, […]Now that they’re not screaming inside a poop-filled Port-o-potty on bungee cables, the gentleman of Jackass have time for other pursuits. […]
  32. Here’s the Trailer for Jackass 3.5, Coming April 1stJackass 3.5 (Exclusive Trailer Premiere) There was plenty of extra footage leftover from Jackass 3D, so MTV is putting out a straight-to-DVD […]
  33. clickables
    Watch the Stars of Jackass Reenact The Social NetworkIncluding the most unlikely Winklevoss twins ever: Wee Man and Preston Lacy.
  34. Jackass 3.5 Coming to the Internet in Weekly InstallmentsIf you enjoyed the idiotic stunts of Jackass 3D (and really, how could you not?), get ready for even more of em. Footage that didn’t make the […]
  35. Jackass 3.5 Coming to DVD and Online in JanuaryLooks like the leftover Jackass 3D footage isn’t coming to theaters after all, instead being packaged as Jackass 3.5 and coming to DVD and […]
  36. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Heidi Klum’s Most Opinionated Project Runway MomentsPlus, Chelsea Handler tells country star Blake Shelton that his greatest-hits album is just lazy, on our regular late-night roundup.
  37. sequels
    Next Jackass Will Probably Be Arriving SoonThere’s another movie’s worth of extra footage hanging around.
  38. Another Jackass Movie Is Probably Coming to TheatersWhen they shot Jackass 3D, they shot enough material for a second film, one that, like Jackass 2.5, would head straight to video and the […]
  39. Jackass 3D and the History of Slapstick“As MoMA curator Josh Siegel told the New York Times, Jackass 3D is ‘merely the climax — or the lowest depths, if you prefer — of a tradition […]
  40. talk
    What’s Your Favorite Jackass Stunt?It’s tough to choose. There are so many.
  41. Behind the Scenes of Jackass 3DVBS.tv has a fun behind-the-scenes look at Jackass 3D, the movie that opens tomorrow that I am definitely seeing. And you can’t shame me out of […]
  42. Jackass For Girls To be fair, I don’t think Steve-O likes brushing his teeth with a one night stand’s toothbrush either.
  43. Please Don’t Judge Me, But I’m Sort of Excited About Jackass 3DSo Weezer’s new video is basically a trailer for Jackass 3D. And as someone who is not that into Weezer and is also supposed to be a […]
  44. right-click
    Weezer’s Latest Cross-Promotion: Jackass 3-DCheck out the band’s slapstick-humor-filled “Memories” video.
  45. chat room
    Johnny Knoxville on Jackass 3-D And Getting Back to ActingThe actor-producer-stuntman talks about getting back to Hollywood, working behind the camera, and doing stunts in 3-D.
  46. jackass
    Jackass 3D Sure to be Most Disgusting Movie EverThe future of cinema is now.