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    Jackman Won’t Sell You MakeupHugh Jackman has dropped out of Fox’s ‘Avon Man,’ in which he was to star as a laid-off auto-dealership employee who becomes a door-to-door makeup salesman.
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    Jackman: Back to Broadway?He was recently in town for a top secret reading of a new Norah Ephron play.
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    First Image From Jackman’s Reality-Grounded Robot-Boxing Drama, Real Steel, Everything You’d Hoped For“When you give an actor a real thing … you get a more grounded reality to the performance.”
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    What Happened at Bryan Singer’s Lunch With Hugh Jackman?Will Singer direct ‘Wolverine 2’?
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    Hugh Jackman on His Oscar Party, His Role in Lee Daniels’s Selma, and Getting Naked in Acting Class“And I just dropped my pants and took off my shirt.”
  6. jackman
    Jackman: The Next Mo’Nique?Director Lee Daniels has “nailed him” for his ‘Precious’ follow-up.
  7. jurisprudence
    Fox Continues Its Assault on BootleggersDozens of bootleggers may owe $150,000 for each infringement.
  8. jackman
    Guy Who Leaked Wolverine Imagines a Meeting With Hugh JackmanWhat would Jackman have said? Gilberto Sanchez has a theory.
  9. piracy
    Wolverine Pirate Pinched in the BronxNo, it wasn’t Roger Friedman.
  10. news reel
    Hugh Jackman Gives New Oscar Hosts His Blessing“They are both fantastic. Steve actually gave me a lot of funny hints last year.”
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    Official: No Jackman for the OscarsNooooooooooooooo!
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    Jackman the Top Choice for Uncharted Movie?Says the game’s voice actor: “I think the producers would like to see Jackman … He’s a phenomenal actor. I just hope I get a part on the movie so I can work with Hugh.”
  13. kudos
    How Many Oscar Hosts Will It Take to Replace Jackman?The answer is infinity.
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    Hugh Jackman Reveals Halloween Costume!His daughter will be a chocolate-chip muffin.
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    Jackman to Star in Robot-Fighting Father-and-Son Action-Drama“Jackman is negotiating to play the ex-fighter whose chances of success are hampered by his access to sub-standard robot parts.”
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    Cell-Phone Interruption of Jackman Play Caught on Cell-Phone Video“Can you get that, whoever that is? Can you get it? We can wait, just get the phone.”
  17. chat room
    Hugh Jackman on NPH, Next Year’s Oscars“I gave him enough crap about it for four weeks. Now I’m used to it.”
  18. jackman
    Steady Rain to Make Jackman a MillionaireHe’s making a pretty good $100,000 per week.
  19. news reel
    Exclusive: Jackman to Eat SandwichHugh Jackman has not yet eaten Carnegie Deli’s Wolverine sandwich, which was created last week in his honor — but he intends to.
  20. jackman
    Jackman Honored With Sandwich“The Wolverine” will feature pastrami, corned beef, salami, brisket, tongue, and American cheese.
  21. jackman
    Jackman to Take Japan“Who knows, maybe Wolverine will use one of these when he heads to Japan.”
  22. kudos
    Hugh Jackman on Neil Patrick Harris, Tonys Host: ‘He’ll Do Better Than Me’Says Jackman: “He’s a very funny guy. He shouldn’t listen to anything I say.”
  23. pandemics
    Hugh Jackman Stands Defiant in the Face of Certain DeathDon’t forget your mask, Hugh!
  24. piracy
    Leaked Version of Wolverine a Hit, Too!Fox yesterday upped its estimate for the number of people it claims downloaded the leaked version of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ from 1 million to 4 million.
  25. jackman
    Swine Flu No Match for Jackman FeverNot bad reviews, nor deadly swine flu, nor BitTorrent could keep people from Hugh Jackman’s shirtless upper body this weekend.
  26. jackman
    Those Tweets Weren’t Jackman’sOft-topless Wolverine-portraying Oscar savior Hugh Jackman has been forced to admit to using a ghost Twitterer.
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    Hugh Jackman On Fire This Week’Australia’ is a hit! (In Australia.)
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    Vulture Imagines Hugh Jackman’s 2010 Oscars Opening NumberWe don’t care which films win awards next year — which ones will Hugh Jackman sing about?
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    Victory: Hugh Jackman Sings and Dances Oscars Out of Ratings HellEarly returns suggest that last night’s awesome, Hugh Jackman–enhanced Oscars scored 10 percent higher ratings than last year’s terrible, Jackman-less ceremony.
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    Hugh Jackman Swedes the OscarsHugh Jackman devoted the first ten minutes of last night’s broadcast to one of 2008’s worst films: